What does success mean to you?

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What does success mean? Success is what everyone aims to achieve. Every man or woman defines success their own way.

For some it is attaining the number one position in class/ profession but then for how long can a human or a company hold on to the first position. Does it mean the day they lose the number one position it can be equated to having failed (Having failed to achieve their own laid down goal).

Being successful….

For some success is getting an admission or a job. Does the success story end the day the job or the admission is obtained, or does it start from there? Most of them end up implementing someone else’s ideas and have no ownership of their time and emotions. They lose their originality also somewhere in the journey.

There are others for whom success lies in being able to sustain amidst adversity. For them life is what happens between two struggles.

The long and short of it is that a large majority relate success to achieving a goal. They are constantly in pursuit of a goal and do not realise when life slipped past.

For me success is simply having ownership of one’s own mind and time. The day an individual starts using the mind and time as per own need he or she is successful. It is not easy to achieve but not impossible and certainly worth going for.

Success …. the self imposed limitations….

Routine ….Success lies beyond it….

Life beyond ‘Being Successful’…


  1. I love your definition of success. Defining success in our own terms is the best way to get a happier more fulfilling life.

  2. Yes Krish, success and fulfillment can be achieved in life by having a focus.But the parameters should not be name, fame, property or other materialistic desires.They are the spontaneous outcome of your efforts, your wisdom and your ability to manage situations and circumstances.We should focus on transforming the gross nature of our mind…cultivate positive qualities.Time is also the most valuable asset.If both are utilised wisely, success is inevitable.Have a good day!

    1. Thank you so much Mona for your valuable insight . You always express so well and your views are always so practical .
      Stay blessed always.

  3. I really liked the definition of success …. It’s beautiful and very apt. Really thought provoking. Regards

  4. The success which comes with no self consciousness and instinct power or knowledge would surely create mess in one’s life. Self satisfaction brings peace which is more than anything and the real success of life. Your openion of conclusion is always awesome Krish 👌

    1. Thank you so much Suma for always adding positive value to my thoughts.
      Stay blessed always

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