Pandemic & Terrorism – Effects & Side effects

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Terrorism and pandemic are two diseases which do not leave anyone untouched where and whenever they strike. Terrorism has been prevalent since long, but a vast majority has not bothered as they have not been directly affected. The reason being people relate terrorism to only killings, kidnappings, and extortion etc.

Terrorism & pandemic…

Terrorismthe side effects

The major side effects of terrorism are lost sight of. The restrictions on travel, the multiple checks one should go through everyday even in Malls. The taxes the government imposes to cater for additional security not just of national leaders but also in affected regions directly affect the taxpayers. The cost of every item a common man buys is affected by the prevalent terrorism.

The Pandemic

The populace at large has not behaved much differently in response to the COVID induced pandemic. Not a single individual has been left unaffected by the virus. While everyone has not been infected by the virus, but the side effects have not left anyone untouched. As the numbers of those affected increased there was so much hue and cry all over. Every NEWS channel was only talking of COVID and the deficiencies in Government actions.  Rightfully so as education, the economy, health, and the relationships, you name anything, everything was adversely affected. Lakhs have lost lives and livelihood the world over. The students are one of the most affected community with no surety of when the schools/ colleges will open. They are missing out on the valuable lessons of life they are exposed to through interactions in schools/ colleges.

The virus has not left single life unaffected. But as soon there were signs of slight improvement in situation caution has been thrown to the winds. The laid down COVID protocol is being carelessly flouted.

Discipline matters mostโ€ฆ.

The casual attitude of the people helped terrorism to firm its foot in the country. Now the same ignorant behaviour is helping the virus to stay on longer. All efforts put in by the government and the concerned departments will be put to nought if people do not behave and understand responsibility.

The security forces compensated for the carelessness exhibited by populace with their disciplined approach and controlled terrorism. However, nothing such will happen if the people continue to behave irresponsibly in case of the pandemic. The virus will spread unabatedly and every human will be affected. The virus will show no mercy and the doctors and the other government departments despite all the good intent will not be able to prevent the deaths and the other side effects.


It is high time that the people understood their responsibility and exercise discipline in life. They themselves will have to take on the blame for the resultant adversities if they continue to behave otherwise. Terrorism & pandemic, both can only be eradicated with public cooperation.

Pandemic and the smart citiesโ€ฆ.

Surviving the pandemic and thriving beyondโ€ฆ.


  1. Very appropriate comparison. Both needs alertness and discipline of common citizen to eradicate it. Nice post. God bless you.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  2. A very diligent effort in establishing the menance of the two diseases(one of the mind and the other of the body) Terrorism is the virus of the corrupt mind.Both can be controlled by managing our minds and consequently our responses.May mankind mature enough to understand it’s own boundaries and learn to respect other fellow beings.Your blogs are getting crisp.Keep it up Krish!!!

  3. That’s an excellent thought to compare Krish, of course they indirectly impact many lives and it continues with age of times. Really each of us are accountable for our own negligence which causes loss to other’s in the society too. Great thoughts as always especially this one I loved a lot. โค๐Ÿ™

    1. Thank you so much Suma for always encouraging. Your candid views always matter.
      Stay blessed always

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