There is no place for a mediator between God and me

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‘God and soldier all men adore in the time of danger and no more’ is what Rudyard Kipling had said years back. It remains as true as it was way back then. It is so good to see that despite religious places remaining closed, yet humans have got closer to God like never before in this pandemic.

Me and my God….

My beliefs….

I am a firm believer in God though I do not have the same feelings for the temples and the religious rituals. I always believed that the communication between my God is very personal. I have not allowed language and rituals to become a barrier between me and Him. My GOD understands the language I understand and has never ever penalised me for not performing rituals. Well, The God only sees the intent and is not worried about whether the prayer has been carried out as per book or not.

Each one of us have our own belief system based on which we do things the way we do. The belief system is usually passed down from generations. There are certain beliefs we add on along our life journey as we observe the environment around us.

Should I beg or just pray/ request….

A few days back I was part of a discussion whether one should ‘beg’ to God for anything or just a prayer/ request is good enough. Yes, there are people who literally plead/ beg to God for things they want in life. I have seen people walking miles barefoot or even crawling to temples to seek God’s blessing. Well, I have nothing against individual faith and beliefs.

My belief and faith are simple. God created the universe and is like a parent to the human. I do believe in the adage that God could not be everywhere, so He created mothers. If that be the relation between the God and his creation, then pleading or begging does not gel. Which parent will desire that the child should beg before fulfilling his/ her need? If my need is genuine/ I deserve it I get it otherwise I don’t; It is that simple. Yes, requests and prayers are welcome but certainly not pleading. For me it is only beggars/ criminals who beg or plead guilty (in court of law). My God has given me mostly without asking.

No barriers….

Other things I have not allowed to come between me and my faith are the language, the religious books, and the priests. There is no language or system barrier between a parent and a child and certainly there is no requirement of an interpreter or a mediator. Why should I converse with my God through a mediator (priest)? I converse with him whenever, wherever I want and in the language I want. Why should it matter whether I talk with Him standing, sitting or while lying down?

It has never happened that I have not got the answer. Anyways, most of the time I converse to express my gratitude. Yes, having seen violence and deaths very closely I do pray for world peace in general and my country in particular. Those prayers are always answered.

I have not confined my God to any particular place (temple). He resides everywhere and most of all He resides within me.


In short there is no space for anyone or anything else between me and My God. It is a very personal relation, just one to one. There are no formalities nor is it limited by rituals.

My God converses with me….

Golden Temple ….. ‘The Abode of God’


  1. I believe very similarly to you, Krish. God is not in a building. He is everywhere and most importantly, He is in my heart. After many years searching for a “religion”, and always being disappointed, God quietly told me how to build my faith, one on ONE with Him. I’ve done so ever since. I don’t believe in begging either. My needs are supplied to me and I am so very grateful. xo

  2. God lives in every human who prays n trusts him from the pure heart. One can feel that diving into their own soul swimming across their own truths n self consciousness. Glad to read the word of God thru you this morning 🌄 have a great day Krish ❤🙏

    1. Good morning Suma….always a pleasure to read your views on varied subjects….Yes, God lives in every pure heart…Stay blessed always.. May God be with you always in your pursuit of happiness….

  3. Very well written. Logical , practical and up to the point. As we grow and learn to unlearn and re learn these are some of the most logical things that we have experienced that conversation with God ( be it any faith) has to be quiet and one on one basis. Anytime and everytime.

  4. That’s a wonderful change on topic from you.. absolutely agree with you.Have a Blessed life!

  5. God is always with us. He guides us in our difficult situations. My examinations are going on and I know God is always with me. I really miss those days of going to school 🏫. I always pray to God to return us those golden days.
    We all miss those days right?

  6. I agree that knowing God is a personal relationship and should not be restricted to the meeting in a building. However, I also believe that there is a place necessary for gathering. Both are parallel in our relationship with God and crosses at some point. Most folks have shied away from ‘the building’ for various reasons. God knows, God sees, and God understands. And He doesn’t judge us for not converging in such buildings.
    I also agree that we don’t need to beg God for things, but there are times that it seems the answer is taking too long to arrive, and there’s nothing wrong in ‘reminding’ Him 😊

    Good post and one to help anyone wavering or doubting whether they’re doing the right thing by not converging in a building. Covid 19 confirmed that for us all, but Covid 19 shouldn’t interrupt our relationship with God which I believe is the point (no barrier) you’re making.

    My two cents

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