My quotes …. Be humane…

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Being humane is what most humans need to learn. The concern for fellow humans, the society as such and the environment we live is so much lacking. Unless enough attention is paid to this aspect we are bound to end up in a big mess. Most of us just sit and criticize, very few are taking corrective actions. This ratio of concerned to non concerned people has to change.

The second issue the society suffers from is the overemphasis on caste and the surnames people wear. The family names/ surnames matter more then the individual names; dynasties continue to rule. The surname one wears draws more respect than what depth the individual actually has. It is the individual and his or her work which should matter.

Lets all do what we should, treat all humans as equals and create a healthy environment around us.

My Quotes …. Humanity only matters…..

Born pure….Why can’t we allow them to live pure?


  1. You gave the BIG message in FEW words – the gap between non-concerned and concerned needs to be narrower, then only the society will change, otherwise it will be in the clutches of caste, creed, religion etc.etc.

  2. I can see how we are on the same page, Krish. We need to do what we can to heal this world, to heal the broken hearts, the hatred, the segregation, the fear. We are ONE people. I love this post! People such as you bring so much hope and joy to my heart, knowing you are devoted to make changes where you can. Thank you!! xoxo

    1. Thank you souch Amy…for all the positive vibes you bring with you….Yes we are one and we should do whatever is within our capability to maintain peace in the world.
      Stay blessed Amy..

  3. Wow Krish, this is one of my favorite hated matter of wearing such tags behind the name to reflect the surnames or family’s names n people being weighed based on such weird things is really a big issue in every society almost.

    I truly would wish to see this change happening. Great thoughts as always n keep them spreading ❤🙏

    1. Thank you so much all will certainly bring in the change the society needs.
      Stay blessed always

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