My Quotes …. Own your life ..

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Own your life, be responsible for what you do is what my mom always taught me. It is the irony of life that most people who dream of being leaders take refuge behind a lectern when they get an opportunity to own the stage, to be themselves.

Life is about walking out and finding our own way and not looking out for support at the first opportunity.

My Quotes ….Life is beyond routine

My Quotes…. My life, my way….

Life is beyond earning a salary and paying rentals…..

Lessons I learnt during my life journey….


    1. Thank you so much Suma for always encouraging….hope all’s good at your end..
      Stay blessed and safe..

  1. Your Mom gave you valuable advice. We’re the only ones we can fully count on, so we have to be strong for ourselves and be courageous enough to take chances on things that improve our lives.

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