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Humanity is what matters, being human is the only essential but unfortunately discrimination has crept into the minds. Even in the most educated of the societies people are being discriminated on the basis of color and race. Right education is the only way ahead which will get humanity back to the pedestal it deserves. Instead of training students just for jobs education should focus on making them good humans.

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  1. Yes, parents are a large contribution to the ways we believe. Unfortunately, some schools are inspiring youth to believe in not such good human compassion & understanding. I was around white people growing up because that was just my life. No one was racist at all. It never came up by family or friends. We’re all human. I was bussed, meaning the city, to balance out the black and white population within the school ‘systems’ years ago, sent kids to schools further away. My parents could have sent me to a different school, but it was no big thing at the time. I never experienced or saw racism by anyone, then. It wasn’t until junior high that I saw only a few minor instances. Still, mostly, many got along anyway. It sounds strange, but it almost seems media and certain groups hype it up to make it more a problem for drama dopamine, or something. Maybe morality and tolerance is either innate or observed & learned, yet cannot be taught.

    1. I agree with you and some vested interests do blow up incidents out of proportion..
      Stay blessed..stat safe🙏🌄🙏

  2. Discrimination among human is really a curse but there’s a change n it would definitely gonna be just human beings with no such tags of caste, color n creed but that has to start from right education of humanity.
    You said this awesome Krish: Instead of training students just for jobs education should focus on making them good humans

    1. Thank you Suma for always encouraging..
      Hope what you wish comes true..humans without labels..
      Stay blessed always 🙏🌹🙏

  3. What is being implemented in schools today is disgusting, Krish. I pray teachers roar NOOOOO! for no child should be discriminated against due to race or the color of their skin. Again I will say more GOOD is coming and the curriculum in these schools will be changed. Keep praying and don’t let go of faith. Truly I say, we are walking into a New World, one that we are just getting a wee taste of. xo

  4. You are right. In this present world even educated people forget the actual meaning of humanity. I sometimes think of the past where people were always ready to help each other irrespective of their religion, cast and skin colour.

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