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The investments which will always stay with an individual are those made in personal health, education and grooming. One can neglect anything but not these three as they affect every day of our life. No date or age can be set for stopping these investments; when they can be considered adequate. It is a life long process which starts the day a child is born and continues through out his/ her life journey.

Investments which matter most…..

Invest in yourself…….


  1. Great quote! Investing in ourselves, especially our physical and mental health, is the best thing we can ever do for ourselves.

    1. Suma, I just express what I have seen…it is creative people like you I have had the opportunity to interact with or whose work I have read who have been my teachers and motivators…
      I admire the way you play with words and express emotions..
      Stay blessed n safe 🙏🌹🙏

      1. So sweet of you and I am amazed with your creative response = your are more creative tham me 😉 btw tons of thanks for your admiration n appreciation = true motivation to be creative my dear friend. Happy to read your profound knowledge Krish. 😇🙏

  2. You can’t buy back your health. There is nothing more important or precious than ones health ]! Lovely words Krish! 🙏

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