Management Institutes ; Expectations and realities

Posted by krish

I had mentioned in an earlier blog that I am attending a refresher course in management skills from a renowned management institute located in North India Marketing Management and life lessons….. My daughter is the biggest critic of my decision and terms me as crazy. Well, anyone who hears that someone who has spent 30 years plus in Human Resource Management (HRM) is attending classes in HRM at the age of 56 is bound to agree with my daughter. In fact, after having attended the classes for two months even I am in a dilemma; Am I learning or unlearning or maybe unlearning to learn or learning to unlearn.

But, for me it is good fun attending classes with no worry of the marks. I have the freedom to learn just what interests me. The classes offer me a great opportunity to observe the behaviour of the professors and the students as an outsider.

I am surprised to find that the sole purpose of the institute is to prepare youth for a job in the corporate world. I always thought that the aim of education was to ignite the minds, to empower the students to question the status quo and make them realise their potential which will ultimately help them in finding their purpose of life. Every 10th line spoken by every professor stresses on how the previous nine lines will help the student in finding their feet in the corporate world. As if that world is full of sharks who are waiting to crush the new entrants in their jaws. Apparently the only way out for the freshers is to arm themselves with some corporate jargons.

Unfortunately, every student irrespective of the age and the background appears to be focused on just getting a job. I was always thought that it is not the institute or the degree you hold which gets you the job. It is the not the lineage but what you have in you, the material you are made of which helps in finding the right path.

A subject like management should not be limiting the options. It should act as a stimulant which activates the imagination and opens the horizons. How can classroom teaching be so much in variance with the real world? At least the institution I am going to certainly is a true example of this. Instead of helping the students in creating a vision most institutes are forcing them to wear the blinkers. Horses and humans certainly have different needs.

The institute is focussed on training the students to fit into the available space instead of giving them the confidence of creating their own space. I do not blame the institute solely for this flawed approach. In a nation where status is defined by the appointment and the salary package and not by the knowledge/ intelligence most institutes will resort to such an approach.

The management institutes are just churning out ‘job hungry’ graduates instead of creating leaders. Every University topper is content being a follower. Maybe that is the reasons we have generally illiterate political leadership, and the educated class is happy to serve them. Yes, jobs are required to sustain but the purpose of life lies much beyond.

It is high time the management institutes like the one I am a student of get their act right. The aim should not be to manage the students, fit in as many classes as possible and conduct tests. The focus should be more on stimulating the minds and producing self-propelled leaders. I am convinced that what my school and the profession taught me about management is way superior to anything this institute is capable of teaching.

Is our education system encouraging or killing creativity/ innovation????

What did my school teach me?