Corona …. Who is being tested?

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Large number of suspected COVID infected patients are being tested in India every day. The facilities for testing and treatment are being ramped up across the world. Corona virus on the other hand is finding new ways to test the human patience. The big question is who is testing whom? So far Corona apparently is leading the race.

Testing the human resilience….

No confirmed treatment is in sight after more than year of the virus being found. So far, the virus is miles ahead of the human mind. It has managed to beat the human imagination outright. Before a comprehensive counter could be found for Corona, new siblings have started floating in the air. The virus in last one year has tested the perseverance and resilience of humans to the hilt. Large populace has been infected and many lives have been lost. Many have lost jobs, businesses have suffered/ closed. The virus has hit both the mind and the body simultaneously. In fact, it is the mind which has been more affected in majority of the cases.

The white-collar workers are being tested with never ending working hours. Pre-COVID at least there was a place called home now it is office all over. Office commitments has overtaken all other relationships.

The student community is silently suffering. They have been forced to stay indoors and learn online. We all understand how important live interactions are for the growth of a child. Even the examinations are being postponed time and again keeping the stress levels high. Even the small kids have been confined within the homes.

The failed policy makers….

Corona has tested the Governments world over in equal measure. Most of the polity has been found wanting in their dealing with the virus. Visionaries the world over have apparently lost their vision. No long-term concrete plan was in place till the second wave hit. None of the policy makers or scientists had anticipated the devastating effect of the second wave. Even now the leadership in most countries is struggling with ideas.

Vaccine programs are crawling, and hospitals are running short of space and equipment. Vaccine was being exported despite shortages within the nation. Hardly any medical facilities were added in last one year to cater for the emerging situation. Lockdown seemed to be the only option available in most countries, but then economic considerations are holding them back. Economy has been badly affected. Now It is hoped that people in power will shift focus from marketing/ brand promoting to nation building.

Yes, people are to be blamed to a large extent for not observing COVID protocol. But then in the absence of any firm assurance of life and livelihood what else could have been expected. When the mind is occupied with the worry of earning the daily bread who thinks of a virus.

The humanity still exists….

One good thing which has stood out is the unity and humanity. People are coming forward to help each other without considerations. Humanitarian aid in the form of medicines, hospital equipment is flowing from the developed nations to the ones in need. Non-Government Organisations and philanthropists are providing all possible assistance.

Salutation to the warriors….

Salutation to the doctors and the para-medical staff for rising to the occasion like true soldiers. They are working day and night without caring for the ill effects the virus can have on them. So many of them are staying away from their families because of professional commitments. Similar has been the contribution of the municipal workers and the law enforcement agencies. All of them have stood the test posed by the virus thus far.

Instead of just pointing fingers let us also contribute our bit in this long-drawn war. The citizens have step forward to help doctors and the policy makers in this fight by simply observing basic COVID protocols. The number of patients requiring hospital admission has to be brought down within manageable limits.

Get vaccinated, observe COVID protocols, stay safe, contribute in the nation building

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  1. Let’s learn a lesson from this pandemic so that it’s never repeated again…..

  2. Very aptly put and summarised. The New Normal is here to stay and so is the virus…. At for a few more years till every one in the planet is vaccinated. All we can do is to help protect ourselves and people around us by just following the regular guidelines and this only possible incase we are updated and aware of ever changing situation around us. Regards

      1. We must prepare ourselves to fight out the subsequent waves. We can create awareness among public through our writings. So keep posting on this important issue .

        stay safe.

      2. That’s right Swastika…. education and creating awareness is what is needed most..and we all got to contribute..
        Thank you for the insight..
        Stay blessed 🙏😇

  3. Really relateble I just started my own travel blog and then covid hit and I could not travel anymore from my country. No travel planning for me at all 😦

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