Corona …. Some Dos and Don’ts….

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1.31 lakh new Corona cases have been reported today from across India, the virus is certainly spreading fast. Partial lockdown has been enforced in many Indian states. More than corona what is giving more tension to the public is the thought of complete lockdown being enforced. If one goes by the experience of last one year it will not be long before state governments will be forced to take the undesirable step. If that happens, we will have only ourselves to blame. The lack of discipline exhibited over past few months has been the main reason for the resurgence of the virus.

Corona … everywhere….

Most of you are aware that I am very fond of travelling. During the pandemic itself I have travelled to Kashmir and Gujarat. Despite the resurgence in COVID cases I could not say no to the opportunity the longish weekend starting 02 Apr offered. Since I am in Delhi, Shimla was the best getaway option available.

Unfortunately, I was not the only one who had grabbed the opportunity. The place was as usual beautiful, but the crowd was a bit uncomforting. Caution was often thrown to air and masks often went missing. The policemen were putting in extra efforts to enforce discipline but nothing much could be done about the social distancing on streets. The case was similar in Gujrat, Shimla, on the airports and in the trains.

The crowd… No social distance…

A break is a must in life to get away from the routine and nothing can be better than a two day’s getaway at Shimla. But it will get much more enjoyable and rejuvenating if everyone exercises caution in this period of pandemic. No use going out for fun and returning infected with a deadly virus. Following of only few Do’s and Don’ts will ensure safety for all.


Stay indoors as much as possible.

Follow the laid down COVID protocol irrespective of where and with whom you are. Anyone can be a virus carrier.

People who can work from home should exercise that option. Yes, work from home can be tough on mind and body if time management is not proper. So, set your priorities and lay down clear boundaries. There should be no overlap between personal and professional lap. Such opportunities do not come easy learn to enjoy.

Eat healthy and do physical exercise daily. Breaks are a must even while being 24 X 7 at home.

Get vaccinated as soon as possible. Do not worry about whether the vaccine will work or not. Stay positive, it will work.

Take due precautions post the vaccination too. Every instruction need not be questioned. Discipline will not kill you, indiscipline might.

Use the social media to stay connected as also to improve and display your creativity.

Stay positive, nothing is permanent in life, this too shall pass.

Don’ts ….

Do not let the COVID data being displayed by various NEWS channels disturb your peace of mind. Remember that if you are disciplined chances of any virus affecting you are minimal. Use your intelligence to separate good from bad. Only place for rumours in any household is the dustbin.

Do not blindly forward Corona related messages on social media. Exercise discretion, forward only those messages which are for the good of the society at large.

Do not worry about what others are doing. Be responsible for your actions, stay disciplined you will stay safe.

Let not things beyond your control occupy and affect your mind.

Do not let the prevalent environment scare you. Yes, take precautions but live normal. Fear is not the answer to any problem. Every threat must be faced intelligently.


Stay positive, stay creative, stay disciplined, get vaccinated, stay healthy…

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  1. No doubt… 2nd wave is more infectious as reported. It’s not worth taking the risk and just the Mask Drill will do the people good. Regards

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