Beautiful Sunday ….Have a great week ahead…

March is coming to an end and what a weekend it is because the festival of Holi around the corner.

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Mata Vaishno Devi …. Chalo bulawa aaya hai (Goddess beckons)

The Holi shrine of Mata Vaishno Devi Katra dedicated to Adi Shakti is one of the most visited religious sites

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Success …. the self imposed limitations….

Success is what everyone seeks in life. Most relate success to money while for some it is the post they

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Be original ….Have a blessed Sunday

Be original. May your day be as beautiful as this flower. This flower is a true reflection of beauty in

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COVID ….Race between the vaccine and the virus….

It was on 24 Mar 2020 that PM of India announced the first nationwide lockdown. How our lives were affected

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Make it a memorable day….

Morning reflections :-Good Morning

Have a wonderful day….

Hobby…. A companion for life….

A creative hobby is a companion for life. I realised the importance of having a hobby very late in life.

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Routine ….Success lies beyond it….

I am in the 56th year of my life. My experience says that most people allow routine to take over

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