Holi …. Let not the colors fade from life

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Holi, the Hindu festival of colours is being celebrated today (29 Mar 21). Other than being associated with vibrant colours Holi also signifies victory of Good over evil.

Holi in Lockdown….

Lockdown was imposed, pan India, just two weeks before Holi last year. The situation is not much different this year around with the virus again raising its head across the nation. I am sure we all have learned our lessons in last one year and will not indulge in any activity which will aid the virus.

The traditional fervour of Holi this time around also may be missing. However, the colours cannot be detached from life, come what may. I do not think there will be anyone, irrespective of the age, caste, creed, or religion who is not attracted by colours or liveliness. The artificial colours may not be there, but the colours of imagination, creativity and liveliness will always remain part of our lives.

The true colours….

Add to the imagination, liveliness, and creativity the solid colours of discipline, courage, camaraderie, care, and the rainbow will be complete. Sprinkle these colours around and Holi this year will always be happy as ever.

Play Holi responsibly….

Yes, I will not be part of the crowd on the roads or breach the ‘COVID protocol’. I will not let harm be caused to my fellow beings due to my ignorance. But still, I will play Holi; may not be on the ground but certainly on the ‘Social media platforms’ but play I will.

Add colours to lives of people around through lively messages and good wishes. Be around for anyone who needs you when he needs you. The virus cannot subdue our spirit of humanity and the creativity. The ‘six feet distance’ cannot stop us from interacting, exchanging ideas and laughter with our fellow beings.

Play Holi ‘responsibly’, not let your guard down. We cannot allow a virus to deprive us the liberty of breathing in fresh air for long; we all got to behave responsibly.

“Wishing all my friends a Happy and Safe Holi”

The vibrant colors….

Get the colors back….Celebrate life……


  1. Wish You Happy Holi
    On this auspicious day of Holi , I wish you to have all peace and prosperity, Let this festival brings endless happiness to you and your family..

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