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Success is what everyone seeks in life. Most relate success to money while for some it is the post they hold, or where they have reached in life.

Following the dream….

Every child has a dream to begin with. However, in 99 % of cases the dream is left far behind and forgotten in the pursuit of a career. Life of a typical middle-class child in India is just about school, tuition, exams, competitive exams. Success in competition leads to further studies. After the professional studies, a white-collar job awaits which normally starts at 10 but when the day will end is not assured.

I have seen my two children, specially, the son go through it. They hardly had any time for leisure or play. A day was just about studies, studies, and more studies. The natural smile got lost somewhere early in the life journey. Success just got limited to excellent performances in exams. By the end of the day when they reached back home, they were just two tired faces with no energy left for any meaningful interactions.

The son topped his university and got a lucrative white-collar job post the graduation. But he has no control over his time in fact, no part of the day he can call his own. My wife who was the happiest at the ‘successes’ of the son now complaints no end as he hardly has time for her.

Defining success….

How does one define success? Is it about living one’s dream or is it about making good money? Is it about having control over own time or is it about having and sustaining good relationships?

For me, the definition lies somewhere in between. Dreams matter in life and should be pursued. Yes, circumstances may delay the pursuit but should not force them into a garbage bin. Money is definitely required for living a decent life. If one has the intent and the dedication, he/ she can make enough money to lead a good life. What normally spoils the game is the desire for making ‘too much’. I would never give anyone or anything total control over my time. It irritates me no end when someone else tries to dictate the usage of my time.

Good relationships are the main stay of good life. What makes a relationship strong is the time and effort one puts into it. One may have good money but if he has no time for relationship, he/ she will never have a peace of mind.

When the lifestyle you follow is not resulting into a sound sleep at night then there is definite need to take a review. I took a self-assessment check and there is definitive improvement in my life. The family has got closer and happier, the sleep is good, my time is mine and I still have enough money.

Some suggestions….

My suggestion is to take a pause, review your lifestyle and make necessary corrections. Money can never replace time, a happy family and good relationship. Do not blindly work to be someone else, work to be you. It is not about what you do, what job you are into, what matters at the end of the day is whether that is giving you peace of mind or not.

No job is good or bad. It is about your aptitude and how much you love doing it. Options galore in the world. It is an open stage, choice is yours. It is your call whether you want to limit yourself behind the rostrum or use the whole stage to your advantage.

“Do not limit yourself behind a rostrum when you have the ability to own the stage”.

Routine ….Success lies beyond it….

Life beyond ‘Being Successful’…

Effective communication…..Key to success….


  1. So many good mentions in here. Time is our most valuable & irreplaceable asset. Often, when we contemplate something we think we should do, good questions to ponder, are: what is my time worth? Is this person, job or pursuit worth spent time? For example, I have seen car wash lines filled with already nice-looking vehicles, & I realize that those at the end of the line may be in that lot for up to an hour. I wonder, “How loud are their egos yelling in their ears to have sparkling cars? They cannot get that time back & how often do they do this? Will they later wish to have spend that time with family?” The same goes for that you mention. Is what one is doing healing or helpful to themselves & others, whatever it is?

  2. A good topic for discussion as rather every family is probably going thru this confusion between time and money , between Job and health…. However I feel the Gen X will take take their own time and realisation to understand the perspective of many things as time passes by and they even might surprise with early retirement at 40’s or just take an 180 degree turn in life with passion becoming profession etc etc. Let’s hope for the best!!!! Regards

  3. It’s an excellent post!
    Unfortunately, we have to comply with ever-growing demands for wealth and everything that relates to wealth. I know what you mean: kids do not have a childhood because they have to work very tough in order to have a good job in the future.
    The choices we make are very difficult ones. I personally do what I like, but I have no income, already the second year. Now, how great is that? It isn’t. Money is necessary for at least to make a somewhat normal living.
    When people talk about inequality, they do not always think that the main reason is insane differences in wealth distribution. Some people work in 3 places and at home, and they still don’t make ends meet. Some just talk, do nothing and watch their profits grow. While the origins of wealth can be very distinctive, among them hard work and being at the right place in the right time, there should be way more opportunities for just an average person to make a good living, not watch it in the movies.
    It’s never going to be easy, but certainly, the one thing we never get back and cannot buy is time which got lost along the way.

    1. Thsnk you so much for your valuable insight .Each one of us have our own unique experiences and it is always worth learning from each other.
      Stay blessed 🙏😇

  4. I have been wanting to read this thoroughly and just got a chance to now. Wow, so many valuable points made in your post! Absolutely agree with as you put it, “work to be you” which is so true as it is our own individual life path! I also believe money isn’t everything. This is also a subject matter I plan to write about soon myself. GREAT post!! 🙂

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