My sky will always be blue….

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As I look up every morning I spent in Delhi what I missed most is the blue sky. I have been fond of the colour blue since my childhood. Whatever may be reality but the streams/ rivers and the sky in my drawings have always been flawless blue. Blue also had a prominent place in my wardrobe too. In big cities the city, and the rivers both have been transformed by the thankless humans from the soothing blue to the dirty grey.

My sky is blue…

The polluted cities…..

Environmental pollution is ever on the increase specially in cities like Delhi. I do not remember when I last saw a clear sky in Delhi. In last few months that I have been travelling there I have always found the sun and the moon struggling to make their presence felt. A thick layer of smog covers the city most part of the day.

The fogged minds….

The heart and lungs struggling to find oxygen from the polluted air and just managing to survive. It does not matter whether you smoke or not the lungs experience the effect all the same 24 X 7. It is not just the sky but even most of the minds in the cities appear to be covered by a thick fog. The lack of oxygen is certainly affecting the power of rational thinking.

The sky here is blue….

I am blessed to have got the opportunity to frequently travel from Delhi to Jammu & Kashmir. What a feeling it is to be in the hills. Absolutely pollution free environment, the fresh air refreshes, detoxifies and rejuvenates the whole body. While in Delhi one finds excuses to stay indoors, out here I do not mind going out even without any reason.

Here the sky is either blue or covered with clouds but the air always fresh. The sun and the moon do not have to struggle to show their presence unless it is fully clouded. Whatever be the season, it is beautiful.

The pollution free environment….

The water in the streams/ rivers is always blue and there are birds chirping on the tree every morning and evening. In the cold winters the birds sitting on top of the leafless trees make such a beautiful picture. Scores of birds can be seen in a sun filled morning perched on barren branches tweeting as if indulging in a conference of a sort. The only difference is that their discussion sounds so pleasing to the ears.

The morning conference….

The rural areas are specially so beautiful. The tree line is thick and the open vast stretches of green fields add to the beauty. Sparsely populated villages dotting the hill sides. The inhabitants are so simple and their minds unpolluted by the outside world. They live in harmony with the nature.

The blessed ‘me’….

Lucky are the people who live in such environment and equally blessed are people like me who get an opportunity to spend part of their lives in such wonderful places. It is not the body but mind too gets detoxified by exposure to such pure air. I only pray to God that my sky always remains blue.

Our children deserve a better environment for growth…. 


  1. This past Summer I saw our skies so blue like never before. How I pray that the pollution problem in this world is addressed and soon. I too love the fresh air, and I am blessed to have plenty of it where I live. I do not like living in a city but rather in the country. Really enjoyed your post and yes I do pray for not only us but for the children.

  2. For a hard core nature lover like you who loves mountains and birds and rivers … we sincerely hope wish and pray that your that your sky will always be blue and bright. Regards

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