I was slim…. but not exactly fit….

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I have always maintained a slim athletic body. One thing which I just cannot stand is a bulging tummy.

The slim is fit façade….

I have always followed a more or less set routine around which my life daily life revolves. I do take breaks from routine to ease out or travel. But within a given day the routine is set.

As someone who believed in waking up early, took regular morning and evening walks (approximately 7 to 8 kms) had all meals on time with no extra cups of tea thrown in between, preferred a non-spicy vegetarian meal, had not an ounce of extra fat on body I always thought nobody could be fitter than me.

The warning from within….

Then came a day (31 Oct 2018) when I could feel my stomach bloating as I walked. No medicines could help in curing what I thought was a result of gastroesophageal reflux. And one fine day (21 Nov) I got that dreaded feeling as if someone was squeezing my chest. I could not walk, felt difficulty in breathing. But, obsessed as I was with my own fitness, I still went to the hospital only the next day on being literally forced by my wife.

The angioplasty….

I reached the hospital at 11 am and within a span of just couple of hours the cardiologist confirmed that all the three coronary arteries were nearly blocked. I had reached the hospital ‘Just in time’.

In another hour two stents had been placed to open the arteries. A day which started as a routine ended up with me in the ICU. Thanks to God, the two cardiologist and the staff who worked on me and my dear wife (who took me to hospital timely) I had managed to walk through a severe health crisis safely.

My failures….

I was fortunate but everyone may not be. Please pay attention to your fitness which is far beyond being just slim. Yes, what you eat and the exercises do play a major role in your health. But what most of us routinely neglect is how we behave, how we think and what thoughts we allow to stay in our mind. I had practically failed on the last three accounts.

The work culture….

My over enthusiasm to achieve perfection in whatever I did had made me short tempered. I was generating avoidable stress for the subordinates and myself, letting my mind be possessed with stressful thoughts far beyond requirement.

I did not understand the simple truth that no one can be at his/her best always. Somewhere, sometime, someone will turn out to be better. I was not ready to accept failures. I let the failure in achieving my self -set bench marks harm my health the most. My mind could not get over these failures easily. Another big harming factor was the attitude ‘I want everything done my way’. This attitude not just harms you but also hampers the growth of the subordinates.

It is not easy to make your mind quietly accept incompetence being supported and nurtured but then certain things are beyond you. The earlier one understands it the better. ‘Karm kiya ja phal ki chinta mat ker’ (Do your bit without worrying for results) looks good on paper and paper only. Not at all easy for a normal human like me to understand or follow.

The home atmosphere….

It is not just the office but the environment one creates at home which equally contributes to the health status. While discipline, discussions are welcome but dictations and arguments should be a big No in family matters. Unfortunately, most of us Indians are very fond of generating arguments out of nowhere and defending our logical or illogical thoughts to the point of no return. In fact, at times the argument within (owns mind) continues even long after the dissenting parties have disengaged and gone. This is one my worst habits. Being slim won’t help if mind is not under control.

The must do….

While my physical routine helped me stay slim and active but the ever-going mental battle within kept attacking and harming the internal system without respite. However, thanks to my eating/ physical routine the heart was strong enough to withstand the onslaught launched by the stress.

So, friends please do not neglect your health, get regular detailed check-ups done. Take regular breaks and do not take everything to heart. Do not let the load of unwanted thoughts duress the heart and prevent it from doing its primary function. Practice mindfulness, learn to live and enjoy the moment. Everything cannot and will never go as per your will. Learn from failures and move on. Avoid visiting the past, yours or anyone else’s again and again.

Stress …There are ways to Deal…..

Investments which matter most…..


  1. Would like to call this blog – ” From the Heart- For the Heart”. A very well written blog with Golden Advice for us all. Such articles need to reach larger audience for hundreds of people to learn from your personal experience and follow some basic guidelines given. For me … I’m going to take a printout and keep it in my Diary and my cupboard and my work station to read it at least a few times every week and do mid course correction starting from 2021. Regards

    1. You do not need these articles Lalit..Sonika will give enough reasons for your heart to keep beating loud and sound …😁😁
      God bless you..🙏😇🙏

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