2021 ….A year loaded with hopes…..

2021 is here and two things are definitely going to be different. Firstly, it may not get the same rousing reception as all its predecessors got and secondly the expectations of life getting better in 2021 will be very high. The new year brings with it the hope that the anti COVID vaccine will finally be available and more than that the vaccine will be … Continue reading 2021 ….A year loaded with hopes…..

Marital discord …. The why and what of it….

Marital discord historically may be as old as the institution of marriage itself. Some lead to the courts while most in countries like India sustain through compromises. The trivial reasons… It is logical that no two people will have the same thought process. Differences are bound to be there in opinions. But, should that difference lead to separation? I have been dealing with this subject, … Continue reading Marital discord …. The why and what of it….

Dharamshala ….The spiritual dwelling….

I visited Dharamshala last year. Located in the shadow of Dhaula Dhar range, it is another favourite of tourists visiting Himachal Pradesh. It is the headquarter of District Kangra. The beautiful location…. The cool climate, the pines, rhododendrons and the tea gardens around give Dharamshala a unique beauty. The place has an average elevation of 1450 meters. All the features combined made it a natural … Continue reading Dharamshala ….The spiritual dwelling….

Spiti valley …. beautiful nature…lovely people…

Spiti meaning the middle land is a cold desert mountain valley astride the river Spiti in North East Himachal Pradesh. Our next logical tourist destination after the beautiful Sangla was the Spiti valley. We left early in the morning for Tabo village the oldest operating Buddhist enclave in India. Tabo is home to the famous Tabo Monastery. The Journey…. The road is pretty fine barring … Continue reading Spiti valley …. beautiful nature…lovely people…

Role Model …. Find one in the neighbourhood……

Who is your role model? A very routine question asked by teachers, elders from children. The answer generally includes names of some prominent leaders from history or big celebrities Finding a Role Model…… Children are expected to learn from the life and struggles of great men and women and model their lives accordingly. Short stories and even biographies are included in the syllabus to encourage … Continue reading Role Model …. Find one in the neighbourhood……

Every person you meet is not your friend….

A true friend is like a diamond, he/she is forever. Everyone I meet in my daily life and spend time with is not necessarily my friend. Yes, time is an important factor in friendship, but again the person whom I have known the longest may not be my friend. Friends…associates…colleagues… One got to learn to differentiate between friends, relations, acquaintances and colleagues. While I may … Continue reading Every person you meet is not your friend….

Sangla Valley …. Beauty beyond compare….

Sangla valley located approximately 220 kms from Shimla is a must visit location for any tourist coming to Himachal Pradesh. It is a 40 km long valley astride river Baspa starting from Karcham and ending at the last Indian village of Chitkul along Indo-Tibetan border. The drive from Shimla is long but the road is well maintained. The beautiful valleys and the pine covered hills … Continue reading Sangla Valley …. Beauty beyond compare….

Shimla …The Queen of Hills….

The next on the list of tourist destinations is Shimla the capital of the state of Himachal Pradesh. The city derives its name from Devi Shyamala, the fearless reincarnation of Godess Kali. I travelled through Himachal in Oct 2019 and I intend taking you all through some of the beautiful locales in the next couple of blogs. Himachal is one of the most beautiful states … Continue reading Shimla …The Queen of Hills….