2021 ….A year loaded with hopes…..

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2021 is here and two things are definitely going to be different. Firstly, it may not get the same rousing reception as all its predecessors got and secondly the expectations of life getting better in 2021 will be very high.

The new year brings with it the hope that the anti COVID vaccine will finally be available and more than that the vaccine will be effective.

Lessons from 2020

2020 has conveyed one thing very loud and clear; there are no guarantees.  One may plan as much as one wants but everything may not still go as per expectations. But hope is on what entire humanity thrives and expectations we refuse to give up easily. I sincerely pray that 2021 lives up to the expectations entire humanity has placed on it.


I do not remember ever making hard and fast resolutions for any New Year. Yes, I do set loose targets with lots of scope of amendments and modifications. Nothing wrong in that, I think. I come from a country which runs more on amendments than on originally framed laws so my life can as well.

In 2021 I want to do things bit differently. I want to have a resolution. I want to do everything I missed doing in 2020. For me personally 2020 has been a year, nothing much to complain about but yes, I still missed certain things.

One thing I missed most is a warm hug. I believe in ‘hug therapy’. Nothing can give a person more warmth and comfort than a bear hug. Other than that, I am also a people’s man. I love being with people, enjoy gatherings and face to face interactions. I just hate that screen of PC or the mask dividing two people. Lastly, I miss the natural expressions which have got hidden behind the masks. I am going back to my old ways at least as far as hugs are concerned.

2021 ….Hopes and wishes….

I am hopeful, life will get better in 2021. 21 is anyways my lucky number and 21 is the age a boy is considered an adult in my country and officially allowed access to so many good things of life. So, I am really hopeful, the year 2021 will open back the access to normal life for every living being.

I wish all my family, friends, near and dear ones a very Happy and Prosperous 2021. I pray to God to shower His blessings and you all be happier and more contended than you ever have been before in your life.

Gratitude 2020 …Life beyond the pandemic


    1. Thank you Dr Andrea…
      You have been a great teacher and motivator through 2020..
      Stay blessed..stay healthy..have a wonderful year..🙏🌹🙏

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