Gratitude 2020 …Life beyond the pandemic

2020 is finally coming to an end and what a year it has been. Unique by all means.

The pandemic adversely affected the life of one and all. But still, I have a lot to be thankful for.

The health issues….

For me the year 2020 started with a bang; got orders to move to a new place. Before I could move, I was hospitalised with complaint of chest pain. The ECG, the echocardiography and all other reports were in my favour but continuous uneasiness helped me decide to undergo an angiography. Believe you me, it was a timely decision and my cardio could remove a clot just in the nick of time. I will always remain thankful to God and the cardiologist for that.

Breathing free….

I moved to the new location in early March. The place has a clean and pollution free environment. The organisation has a lush green open campus of its own and one can go for long walks without bothering for Corona. It is a blessing to breathe in fresh air and enjoy the freedom when the whole world is struggling with the masks.

The family time….

My daughter joined me just a day before the government enforced lockdown. Eight months thereafter she was my only company. Wife and son had stayed put in the previous location due to their professional commitments. I will always remain thankful to my daughter for deciding to be with me. It was one of the most wonderful time I had with her. She and 2020 not just helped grow as a father but as a human too.

I am thankful to my wife for sustaining on her own in adverse condition without any help. She never raised an issue and her being away also saved me from her daily nok jhok (the bickering/ nagging; sometime God is just too kind…he he he).

The pandemic brought my son back home and he his giving company to his mother. His working from home has taken away major part of his mom’s tensions.

Despite the prevalent pandemic we could manage a family trip to lovely Kashmir valley. It certainly was one of the best family outings we have had in last few years. The place is truly a heaven on earth.

The ‘Me time’….

The lockdown ensured availability of lots of ‘me time’ and I made the best possible use of it all. Got back to writing blogs and tried my hand and loads of other activities like soap making, baking and learnt some German.

Thankful to friends and the internet….

I am thankful to my relations and friends for being in touch online and always being so encouraging. A special thanks to my online friends whom I have never met in life.

The internet and the social platforms deserve a special mention for it is through them one could remain in touch with outside world and maintain sanity in 2020.

Financial savings….

I understand majority of people across the world had to dig into their life savings to sustain through the lockdown. In my case it was opposite, the lockdown resulted in savings accruing from closure of my daughter’s college hostel and the markets. Though the girl has been resenting it no end but the shutting down of hostel brought in a saving of couple of lakhs.

2020 was no doubt a roller coaster year for many but for me it still came loaded with goodies. I have nothing to complain about.

Corona – The side effects….

Lockdown…..Time to recover and re-discover…..