Every person you meet is not your friend….

A true friend is like a diamond, he/she is forever. Everyone I meet in my daily life and spend time with is not necessarily my friend. Yes, time is an important factor in friendship, but again the person whom I have known the longest may not be my friend.


One got to learn to differentiate between friends, relations, acquaintances and colleagues. While I may spend hours with colleagues but still the association with most will remain professional and tenure based. It is a need-based association. There is negligible or no dependence on emotions. I will not like to discuss my personal issues with them. Nor will anyone of them time for my sob stories. Even If some lend an ear it will be mostly for sake of generating gossip.

Friendship & Social Media….

Social media tried to redefine friendship by providing opportunity to people from regions to interact/ meet. But then, social media can only provide a means but cannot add emotions on its own to the communication. Developing trust and generating meaningful communication does not come easy online. There are people who boost of a long list of friends on platforms like FB but then with how many do they have meaningful conversation. A majority exist there for personal needs or just to add to the numbers.

I am not saying meeting on social platforms cannot lead to true friendship. It has happened and will continue to happen but with only one out of the many you meet. I have myself made couple of good friends but then I have been active on social media for last more than twenty years. Trust has taken time to develop but I think making two friends in twenty years is not bad!!

The real friends….

In real life I have very few friends whom I can trust with anything and everything. They are not always next to me but have all the time and ears for even the nonsense I may dish out at times. I know they will never make efforts to unnecessarily please me but will always make an effort to get me back on the right path when I waver. They will fly to my aid from wherever they are when I require them.

The small list includes my wife who has been with me through the thick and thin of life for last 23 years. My two children, specially my 18-year-old daughter. Daughter’s somehow always have this capability of discovering and rediscovering the shortest route to a father’s heart. My elder sister who has been my guiding light since early childhood more as a friend then as an elder. Lastly, two of my friends from the school days, Deepak Sharma and Ashok. We meet maybe once in two years but talk often but I am sure they will be always there when I require him.

I am a firm believer that friendship is not about numbers, age or location. It is all about emotional bonding, time, ears and trust.

Invest in friends…..Get constant positive returns…. 

Investments which matter most…..