An affair with Corona …..

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I had my first fleeting encounter with the beautiful Ms Corona on 10 Mar. Though I had managed to pull myself out just in the nick of time but her body fragrance, the sensation generated by her warm touches just refused to leave me. She was certainly the lady I had spent half my life fantasising about.

Eight long months passed since the chanced encounter but there was not a day (or should I say night?) when her thought did not cross my mind. To be honest, not just crossed, but rather possessed my mind. More than the fear of the society and the family it was the lockdown which had managed to keep me away from her.

The un-lockdown and the Corona…

The phased ‘un-lockdown’ started pushing my suppressed desire, the desire to meet my fantasy queen, to the fore. The nip in the air further added fuel to the felt need of getting cosier.

Come November and I started venturing out and selectively socialising again. For official records, it was just a forced bachelor moving out at random to shake of the routine induced boredom. But deep down in the heart the purpose was crystal clear. The eyes just relentlessly searched for a glimpse of the woman of my dream.

It is well said that when you desire something (someone) with your heart and soul the entire universe conspires to ensure fulfilment of the desire. My wait was not going to be long. It was during only the second visit to the club that I saw her sitting with friends, dressed in all black, enjoying a glass of red wine, and my heart just missed a beat. Nothing had changed, the long flowing hairs, the blue eyes, the sensuous lips, the smile and the lovely pout, the curves, the walk, the way she talked were all same as when she had blown me away eight months to the yore.

She blew me off my feet….

I know it was unbecoming behaviour but my eyes refused to shift focus from her ever so beautiful face. As if in a trance, I walked straight to her. After a brief re-introduction and exchange of pleasantries we were together like two friends who had known each other for ages. This time around I was determined not to allow my fears to spoil my evening.

The mental and physical separation slowly started diminishing the more we wined, chatted, danced. One wished that the night never ends. But the clock does not stop for anyone and soon it was time for goodbyes. The the club pulled the curtains down for the day.

The drive…..

The mind was not with me and the heart was unwilling for the goodbye. To prolong our physical togetherness, I suggested that we travelled together and I could her drop her at her place. A yes was what I looked for and a yes, I got. The car moved as slowly as it could as soft music played in the background. The night sky was clear and conditions were ideal for a long drive. But the promise was to drop the lady home and the word had to be kept. Long drive could wait for another day, which my heart said was not going to be too far.

It somehow has always happened with me, a desire for delay has actually resulted in the destination arriving too early. We arrived at her home earlier than I would have wanted. A fairy tale location, perched on a ledge the house overlooked the beautiful valley and the city lights twinkled down below. But no time to sit and enjoy as it was time to finally say good bye.

Woh halka halka suroor…

Her hairs fluttered across her face due to the light wind. As if pushed by instinct took a step forward and gave her a warm hug. That was to prove as my undoing. As I pulled her in the hug, the back arched, her beautiful face shone bright as it reflected the soft moon light. Her expressive eyes, capable of waylaying even the staunchest of the saint, gazed deep into my eyes. Her quivering lips too close for comfort and I could feel her warm breath. The soft fragrance of her skin combined with that of the red wine filled my nostrils and hit my nerve centre fuelling my desires. Nusrat Fateh Ali’s ‘Yeh jo halka halka suroor hai’ played in some house a little distance away. My condition was similar to ‘teri behki behki nigaah ne mujhe ek sharaabi bana diya’.

The mind did try to put in caution but the heart pushed it aside. Before I realised the lips had progressed from a casual brushing encounter to a deep lock.

The feeling cannot be explained in words as the lips absorbed the warmth, satisfied their hunger and the tongues rolled. The breath turned heavy and a deep warm sensation moved through the throat hitting the depth of the stomach. The heart desired more but fortunately gave in to the mind. There was a limit to what one could go in someone’s front lawn as her people waited for her inside. 

I departed from her place taking with me beautiful thoughts, her lovely body fragrance and a sensational taste in mouth. Next four days just flew past. She had sort of got under my skin occupying every single moment of my ‘me’ time. She was there in the mind, the heart, in every breath.

The side-effects…..

It was on the fifth day that I felt something amiss. My sense of smell seemed to be failing but I still preferred to blame it on the changing weather and my irritating nasal polyps. I went to sleep little knowing that a twist in the tale awaited the other side of the night.

I got up in the morning with strong feeling of irritation in my throat. The sense of smell was totally lost and the breath heavy due to fever. The stomach too felt uneasy and there was weakness in the legs. There was no denying the fact that the virus had got me.

The battle….

I have always believed that one cannot hide the truth from a discerning wife. She may prefer to ignore but rest be assured she has caught the lie. She can make out even through a voice call what your health condition is and what (who?) is occupying your mind. Despite my repeated assurances she refused to accept that all was good and finally I had to tell her about my health condition. Well, I did not tell her all, just shared the ‘how’ of the health and not the ‘why’ of it.

She is a firm believer in God but does not believe in overloading God with small problems of life. She is a warrior who believes in cutting the small life problem down to size with her own skills. Without wasting much time, she launched a multi- pronged attack to get me out of this problem. The weapons ranged from home-made herbal concoctions to pranayama to some Ayurveda stuff from the pharmacy of famous Baba (Ramdev!!).

Corona, howsoever strong resistance it tried to put up, did not have the strength to withstand the persistent and consistent attacks launched and gave way much earlier than expected. I was back on my feet hale and hearty on the seventh day.

An honest analysis…..

A bit of my personal research on the Corona led to some startling revelations about vulnerability of different sections of people.

“It is the Married men who are more vulnerable to the virus and within the married men it is the forced bachelors who are more prone and within the forced bachelors it is the men above 50 who are most vulnerable. In short it is not the people above 50 but married men above 50 who are most likely to get affected and the reason is not because they are physically weak but because they are not able to ‘resist’ for other reasons”. (Ladies take note)

Secondly, “The chances of finding an early cure for any problem like corona brighten manifold the moment it is accepted by the one who is affected. Do not hide the problem, early acceptance will facilitate early treatment and an early cure”.

So, friends “Stay home, follow the protocol, stay safe, live longer. Suppress your desire for a few days more who knows Ms Vaccine may turn out to be much more sensuous and beautiful (Certainly safer) than the deadly Ms Corona!!!)

Pssstt…. Please do not tell my wife that I shared this with you…..ssssssshhhhhh!!!!!

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