Good communication….the lockdown lessons

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Communication is the backbone on which depends the strength of the family/ personal relationships. My previous blog on importance of communication in organisations had drawn some really good responses from the readers. A dear friend wrote ‘No soft skill course taught me the ability to give a controlled and logical response to a contentious question as realistically I have learnt during my 24 X 7 stay at home with my wife and child in the lockdown’. This triggered my thoughts and led to the penning of this blog.

Pre-lockdown freedom

Pre-lockdown most of us spent the major part of the day outside homes working, studying, playing and attending to other activities. Even on weekends one had the option of walking out at will to cool the mind when contentious issues came up. The lockdown changed it all, we had nowhere to go (nowhere to hide/escape). Life changed to ‘me, my spouse, kids and the walls’. Only places which gave one some independence were the balcony, kitchen or the bathroom.  Everything one spoke was within the earshot of the other specially the child.

Good communication and raising kids…..

We all know how good the kids are in picking up learning the wrong things, the wrong etiquettes. It is not their ability of not missing a single wrong word the parents speak but capability of efficiently repeating it which alarms. The elders have to be careful what they speak and do in front of kids. For kids of impressionable ages whatever the parents do or say stays as the gospel truth (till they start moving out and mixing with people).

The lockdown came loaded with all the spicy ingredients for worsening the already alarming situation. Here you are getting ready to give a mouthful laden with the choicest of word to an incompetent junior and you find your child peeping from the door. You are just about to decode an emergent official problem online and there comes your spouse with her own household issues. You will feel like pulling your or their hairs apart but you cannot and better not.

Good communication….real adhesive…

The situation does not demand a rash reaction but a measured response. You have to learn the art of maintaining emotional balance. Howsoever disturbed or aggrieved you feel the victory lies in conveying it as politely as possible. The peace at home matters for your personal well-being but your professional success too. Every response the parent gives to be each other or to anyone on phone should be measured and genuinely decent if they want their child to grow into a good human being.

Good communication is not just about raising good children but also is the adhesive which binds people together. Couple who had mastered the art of communication lived well even during total lockdown. Making good conversation does not come easy when you are just two or three people staying under one roof 24 X 7 and over hyper TV News anchors providing the only alternative. It is not just what you talk but how you convey that builds the relationship.

Back to learning soft skills….

Lockdown has shown a mirror to many on their lack of communication skills. How despite attending soft skill courses the communication was anything but soft. Fortunately, the presence of kids and spouses around 24 X 7 did help some in learning the lessons which the training institutes or experts had failed to impart.

Happiest spouses, parents, kids are not the ones who got more gifts or money but the ones who communicated well with each other. Good communication is the basic ingredient required for maintaining peace and harmony at home which binds the family together.

Communication ….An art worth mastering…

Good Communication: Essential ingredient for leadership…..


  1. Sir…. Your blogs are funny, motivating and are a source of learning. As I have said before you need to get a better larger audience like on national newspapers …. As weekly articles etc. I have been reading Jug Suriaya and Bachi Karkaria for many a years and I find your blogs far better than their weekend articles. Hopefully we will find your name there soon. Regards

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