Communication ….An art worth mastering…

Communication is what makes or mars a relationship, professional or personal. It may be very easy for a child or a junior to tell the parent or the senior ‘You are not understanding’. But it is certainly not very easy for the senior to digest/ accept it. Same thing put across a little differently like ‘Maybe I have not been able to explain it to you properly let me try again’ may make it easier for the old man to absorb. There is not much difference in the two statements as both convey to the senior that he has not understood. But the second statement becomes more acceptable because of the way it is framed and conveyed.

Learning to respond….

Communication especially making polite conversation is an art which not many have been able to master. Pointing out a mistake, calling spade a spade is good. But better still is conveying it politely to the defaulter and getting the desired result.

I have served with many bosses who had no control on anger. They took pride in abusing and humiliating. In short, they exceled in throwing the weight of their appointment around rather than convincing people with their knowledge. I have also been fortunate to have served with bosses who depended on their experience to politely convince the junior that he was wrong.

Both types conveyed to the junior that he was stupid but the later style was acceptable and there was no raising of blood pressure. The first type definitely pushes the juniors away while the second types pulled them closer building a relationship.

Communication and the Happiness quotient….

The performance of any organisation is dependent on the people who serve it, their happiness quotient. People draw happiness not as much from the pay packet (though it does matter) as from the prevalent calm and conducive work environment. It is not the fear of losing a job but the push of appreciation and guidance which make people perform in the long run.

Communication aids making informed decisions

Making assumptions, jumping to conclusions on ‘half’ information is a disaster waiting to happen.  Hearing the others and taking a feedback are essentials for making a informed decision. The facts should rule and not the emotions, hearsay and past precedence or faith.

I have been in leadership positions at different levels. I have my own whims and fancies, always wanting to do things my own way. But then I do give my juniors freedom to express. Well I may still go ahead and do things my way but then chances of getting value addition are always high.


Communication is the backbone on which depends the health of the organisation. Deeper and wider the spread of communication tentacles, better are the results. It is the ‘Happy’ synchronisation of all functional elements through good communication which makes any organisation thrive.

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