Marriage …A blissful journey

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Marriage, men and maturity share a very close bond because the way most men mature post the marriage is just amazing.

I had led a life of a happy bachelor till the age of 32 till I met my ‘Dream Girl’ and the life took a turn for ‘better’. Marriage does bring in a lot of change.

My Dream Girl….Zara Tasveer se Tu Nikalker Saamne aa…

It was on 11th Nov that I and Jas got tied in the marital knot. A ‘marriage with a shoe string budget’ it was. Marriage and the shoe string budget…..

Post marriage life has been filled with wonderful memoirs. Being blessed with two wonderful kids, Deigant and Pranjal top the list of our most memorable experiences. We have travelled to all corners of our beautiful country because of our passion for travel. I have started sharing my travel experiences through my blog under the category of ‘Travel’.

Travel to learn, rejuvenate and building bonds

I have managed to sustain happiness in the married life because I had learnt the art of ‘keeping self and people around me happy’ very early in life. Life post marriage can be ‘tough’ if one does not master the art of ‘absorbing (the sudden shocks, caring (whatever your spouse cares for) and sharing (with spouse whatever possible). Careful guarding of secrets is of paramount importance but majority of men fail.

Sustaining ‘Happiness Index’ in married life….

We have been married for 23 years but nothing much has changed in life. Other than addition of a few wrinkles and hair loss rest all is good. We have had our fair share of differences of opinions, arguments but the friendship we share has always helped to get the better of negative situation.

The life journey post marriage has been wonderful. Every new year adds on new memories.


  1. Good evening Sir….

    Wishing you and Ma’am Happy wedding anniversary 🌺❤️🌺…stay blessed… stay together forever….your blogs are always treat to read and get instantly related our wonderful journey of all experience we been through or even in present situation.

    With Regards

  2. Belated Anniversary Wishes with loads of health and happiness in
    your wonderful married life. Your blogs say a lot about your life , perception and general experiences you gained over a period of time and they always wonderful to read and learn from. Stay and happy and blessed sir…. And keep writing. Regards

  3. Belated Congratulations and Best Wishes on Wedding Anniversary. I always enjoy your blogs and wishing you lots of laurels.- Jetly

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