Self-talk …. The most important conversation….

“For oft, when on my couch I lie in vacant or in pensive mood” I find myself normally indulging in self-talk. I love to enter my mind and travel through the network of multiple lanes and by-lanes of thoughts and experiences. Journey is always so fulfilling and full of pleasant surprises.

Circumstances and commitments often force me and my wife to stay in different cities. I have been alone but fortunately never lonely. In such times I found ‘me’ to be my best company . I just sit and talk with ‘me’ for long. Beautiful memories play like a movie and the time flies; self-talk can be so entertaining.

There are times in the office when despite prolonged discussions and deliberations the right answer has eluded. However, as I step under the shower, warm water flows, my journey in the alleys of the brain starts. As the self-talk progresses, invariably I come across the ever so elusive answer hidden in a cubby hole in a dark alley. The self-talk can be so powerful, it can get you the answer to the most difficult questions.

It is not just the warm water which ignites the mind. A warm cup of tea or the beautiful setting sun can also do the trick. You just have to get into the mood of some invigorating self-talk.

One does not have to enter the mind for self-talk. You can just face the mind and have a one on one talk, just like two people have. The experience is wee bit different than travelling through the brain. But I assure you that answers still flow. Try it, it is good fun. Please ensure that no one is watching you as he is bound to take you to be crazy.

The journey through the brain is always so amazing as every single memory of life is stored there. One just has to remove some cobwebs and scratch a bit. A hearty self-talk has the same effect.

I find these self-talks to be great de-stressors. Whenever I am upset or disturbed it is ‘me’ who comes to the rescue. I do not like carrying the office tensions home. I don’t mind becoming my own punching bag and thrashing out the ill feelings.

The intuitions are the result of all these experiences stored in various corners of the brain. These intuitions keep telling us, cautioning us from time to time. Unfortunately, most of the time the intuitions tell us what not to do. It is only to the bold few that the intuitions prompt what to do. Believe the intuitions, they are based on your own past experiences. All those who failed to learn from the experiences should make up by accepting the intuitions.

Ladies and gentlemen, self-talk is the most important conversation you have in life, do not miss out on it. You are free to say whatever without bothering about the repercussions. The outcome will be invariably great, just try it.

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