Setting a goal…. shifting goal post….

Setting a goal is as important as scoring in the game. I got the ball deep inside our half. Exchanging quick passes and exhibiting some deft dribbling me and my team mate managed to get past five players of the opponent team. As I raised my head to kick the ball into the goal to my surprise the goal post shifted. As I ran to get the post back the opponent took away the ball and scored against my team.

Fortunately, all this happened in my sleep. Goal posts are firmly grounded in a football field in real and do not move. However, real life is different, the goals keep changing, the goal post keeps shifting. In this pandemic time especially the size of the playfield has more than doubled. For some the goals have just moved out of sight.

The effect has been more severe on people or organisations who are confused between goals and vision.  Lack of long-term vision and the short-term goals moving out of immediate reach set the danger bell ringing. Many a start-up have closed shop even before the newly painted sign board dried. Goals are a stepping stone to reach the vision but in many a case goals are thought to be the end. No or minimal margins for errors are left hence setting a new course becomes impossible.

Increase in size of playfield invariably translates into increased number of obstacles. The defender you cross once has a chance to regain balance, fall back and come in your way again. Thus, both the tactics and technique may have to be modified to beat the added obstacles. You will require support of trusted friends to help you reach the goal.

The changes could be affected only by long term players who had set out well prepared with a clear vision. The players who were not just looking for short term gains but had firmly set eyes on the vision. The players who have built strong relationships. Players looking for short term gains stand little chance of success in this situation.

It is the mentally strong who can adapt to the changing situation faster. The organisations and the individuals have to not only modify the goals but also change the way they work. Situation is not likely to get back to ‘normal’ soon. Adaptability is what will help in the long run. You do not have to change colours, you have to change your thought, your approach.

What differentiates successful people from the not so successful?