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Today as I watched the water gushing out of the open gate of the dam the thought struck me that how the virus is trying to confine the might of the humans within the four walls of the room…but fir how long? The dam can retain the river water to a limit beyond which the gates have to be opened otherwise the water threatens the very existence of the dam which was trying to enslave it….similar are the human thoughts and human power ..for how long can someone or something tame it….it will find its way out….and fly free sooner than later….


  1. Krish, it is not the virus per se that is keeping humans confined, but it is the corrupt officials and fear fabricated by media that is imprisoning mankind. But!! The pressure builds. Right? That energy cannot be retained forever. Oh no. There will be a release and then the mighty pour comes forth as the restrictive walls break into dust. Mark my words. We all may be a wee weary right now yet the silent majority will not be defeated. We are destined to fly and fly even higher then ever before! xo

  2. The situation seems vice versa today..It looks as if the virus which was confined in the Chinese lab for a long time suddenly broke all the walls and in no time spread in the whole world threatening the very existence of human life. It definitely has taught a great lesson. Now stop regarding humans as a great species on earth, even a small virus can threaten your existence. But surely we will find some solution soon.

  3. Good morning Sir,

    Such positive thoughts r the most effective weapon for us to fight this Chinese viruses..
    With Regards

  4. Too see the dam gates being opened in front of your eyes would be an unimaginable experience I guess. Such beautiful pictures and vedios takes one to the other world….. a simple world of just nature and humans in thier purest form. Beautiful

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