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5 Sep, the birthday of Dr S Radhakrishnan, the first Vice President and the second President of the country is celebrated as Teachers Day in India. The late President served as a Professor of Philosophy in various Universities and as the Vice Chancellor of Andhra and the Benaras Hindu Universities before rising to the post of President. It is said that on his taking over the office as the second President in 1962, some of his students approached him for permission to celebrate his birthday as a special day but he instead requested them to celebrate 5 Sep as Teachers Day to recognise the contribution of teachers to the society.

Today I remember all the teachers who contributed in my progress in life. I do not think I ever had a favourite schoolteacher nor could I ever achieve the distinction of becoming the favourite student of any teacher but yes, I always maintained high respect for all of them. I was fortunate, most of my teachers did not believe in just passing down information from the books but rather took extra steps to make the students life worthy.

I would like to make a mention of some of the teachers who have played an important role in moulding my life. My mother will always remain the best teacher I have come across in life. The way she conducted herself and lived her life was a lesson by itself. My father whose life examples have always been so difficult for me to at times even imitate leave alone emulate. My elder sister, owner of a bright mind and a strong head, always by my side ready to help, my role model. All other family members who have always been there with their guidance and suggestions whenever required.

All the teachers who have taught me specially Ms Maggie my first teacher in class 1, always so polite, calm, and so full of love; why cannot all teachers be like her and teach without losing cool.

All the juniors and seniors I have had the opportunity to serve with in my service career; each one of them has been so liberal in giving the lessons.

My wife (Wives know all, isn’t it?) a strong headed lady who is unaware that ‘Giving up’ can also be an option in life. My son who amazes me no end with his dogged determination, simple ways, and extreme capability to endure under adversities. My lovely daughter who off late has given me some of the best lessons of life. My two kids are really making me unlearn a lot. Life would not have been so satisfying and complete without them.

All my friends, most of whom I have met in real life but some during interactions on online platforms; life would not have been so interesting, exciting and, fulfilling without them all.

Today I pray to the almighty God to give every student a teacher he / she deserves, one who refuses to give up when everyone else around have closed their doors. One who leaves no stone unturned to bring the child face to face with his/ her capabilities and uniqueness.


  1. A teacher is not only the one who teaches us subjects in schools or colleges but the one who always or accidentally may have poured out their heart and guided you in one way or the other….very well written thoughts Krish….Kudos!!!!

  2. Lovely post, the way you have expressed your feelings towards your parents, teachers, wife and children. Indeed we learn a lot from our children… After all child is father of man.

  3. Beautiful Indeed. Well Nothing more to say except thankyou to you sir for teaching / guiding/ motivating so many of us through this platform. Cheers to you and everyone else in our life who has taught us and touched our lives for betterment as always. Regards

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