The journey to Self-awareness….

About a month back I had written a blog on ‘Who am I?’ and prior to that ‘Understanding your why’, both of which in a way dealt with the importance of self- awareness. Everyone thinks he is aware of who he is and what he wants from life but is it so in reality? If you want to know whether you understand yourself completely just ask yourself the following questions. Do I have dreams? Have I translated all or at least some of my dreams into reality? Am I doing what I want to do or have compromised with my situation and trying to be in love with what I am doing? Am I working to be ‘me’ or am I working hard to be somebody else whose image is printed firmly in my mind? Do I always respond to others, to the situations they create in the same way I would like them to respond if I do the same to them? What is your score? Be truthful, most do not score very high. Majority of us have two sides to our personality; one what we think we are, and the other is what I actually am and at times both can be totally divergent from each other.

Why am I not what I want to be or what I think I am? The first reason is that because often we are not aware of what we want to do, we have not had a talk with our heart and mind and tried to conclude what we wanted. Second is the lack of confidence, belief in own capabilities, the fear of failure pushes the mind away from what we want to what is available and easily pursuable. Third is the fear of upsetting the family elders, who will take care of the family business if I do not? The mindset we grow with is the biggest obstacles standing between what we should be and what we are; the security provided by a job is hammered deep in the brain since the childhood, so most of us cannot avoid grabbing the first job on offer.

We got to change our life’s narrative from “Why should I, what is happening around me, what will people think” to “What matters to me, what do I want from my life, why should I fear failure, what will happen at the most if I fail in the first attempt? I will try again and again and succeed, this confidence will come only if I prepare myself physically and psychologically, before starting on my journey. The mindset has to change from ‘this job gives me security’ to ‘does this job gives me satisfaction’. Got to stay focussed on where I want to reach, if I waste time looking around or trying to find who is following than in all probability I will crash, and the goal will remain a distant dream.

Who am I?

Understanding your why….