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All through the day the dark clouds covered the sky, heavy rains lashed the earth, however towards the evening just around the time I go for my daily walks the rains stopped and the sun managed to show its presence from behind the cloud cover. As I stepped out of my home a beautiful sight, something I had not seen last few months, greeted me, cool breeze, and a full rainbow in the sky; one could clearly see the seven colours. That is what life is all about, one got to step out of the safety of homes to enjoy the cool breeze and the beauty of rainbow; the closed door may not prevent the virus from entering the home but is certainly keeping the colours of life away from us.

It has been more than five months now that people the world over have remained locked inside the homes. Life has come to a near standstill, days, weeks, and months have lost the meaning. Monday blues are no longer there rather the ever so busy working class has discovered that every day has got its own unique ‘blues’; for most the life become just blue all other colours have gone missing from life.

Stress is on the increase; for some the big break from work, loss of income is giving the stress, to others who are carrying out office work from home the lack of breaks is adding to the stress; a short tea/ coffee break with colleagues helped so much in refreshing the mind and downloading the stress. Some are stressed because they cannot travel despite having breaks whereas those in the hospitality industry are stressed because people are not making use of the break to travel. This a rare stage of life when the breaks, though there, are not able to break the monotony in life; in fact, it will not be wrong to say that the long break is responsible for the monotony setting in.

Aren’t we all responsible for the turn life has taken? So, it is we who have to take a step forward to bring the colourful rainbow back in life. Fear cannot be locked behind a door, it has to be overcome, it has to be won over and to do that we got to face it. We got to move out, maybe mask on, sanitiser in pocket, avoiding hugs for the time being, we got to get back to doing what we loved. The machines got to get going, vehicles must hit the roads if we do not want the stress created by empty pockets to become a bigger killer than the virus, we all are so scared of.

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  1. When it’s comes to Corona Diaries….I don’t think I have read any article or blog describing the affects, effects, boons and miseries so nicely. Very motivating and inspiring in these dark / unknown days when we see well known people around us falling sick or dying due to the virus. May we all come over the fear and learn to re-live once again.

  2. Rainbow behind the corner expects these, who believe there is such a thing as a rainbow.
    Being stressed is not going to help anyhow, it’s way better to evaluate everything while keeping one’s calm. The higher expectations, the more difficult to take issues. Optimistic realism is advisable because things are what they are whether we know about them or not.
    Stay well Krish!

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