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My blog, last week, was dedicated to the parents of the children with special education needsParenting a child with special education needs..… and in this one I will be talking a bit about the children; their never say die spirit, how they inspire. I had mentioned in the last blog about my visits to various institutions catering to the needs of special children and one of them, Prerana Educational Center, a school for  children with special education needs located in the suburbs of Siliguri in the state of Bengal, India, left quite a lasting impression on me.

There are so many things about these kids which initially surprised me than became a source of inspiration. Here I was, born normal, all sensory organs in place but still finding faults in life, finding reasons to curse and cry and there were these visually impaired kids a smile always adorning their beautiful faces, always ready to help and encourage each other, totally disciplined, having an unending desire to learn. They could not see each other but could feel each other, I think that is what matters in life; the feeling for each other. Their hand was always raised to pull someone up, never to push anyone down. They could walk from room to room without banging into walls or the furniture and here most of us are lost in life with open eyes and a fully functional mind. It is so true, one does not require eyes to have a vision, it is the mind and the beautiful thoughts it generates which matter.

We went there once a month or at times once in two months but moment they heard the voice, specially of my wife, they knew who was there. It was a treat to see the joy on their face and the thrill in their voices as they greeted her and then went on to share whatever they had done since their last meeting with her, they had established a wonderful relationship without ever having seen her, a heart to heart bond. Every minute spent with them generated so much positive energy. What did we do for them? Nothing much, just went and met them occasionally; they understood it so well that the time which someone gives matters much more than any material gifts in a relationship. 

One can learn so much from these kids; the selfless love, the compassion, seeking happiness in small things, finding a way around the obstacles life presents and the art of wearing a smile to mention a few. Regular visits to the school helped clear so many cobwebs which had covered my mind for ages, helped me set a clear vision for my life.

My salutations to Mrs Rita Sengupta who has dedicated her life in the selfless service of these kids. Heartfelt appreciation to the teachers and the caretakers for their services to the kids.

Sharing with you a small video of the kids, I am sure you all will love the performance.


The school can be contacted on the Facebook page or here



  1. Good morning Sir,

    Excellent blog Sir and line which have so deep meaning
    “the feeling for each other.”

    With regards

  2. Sir….very inspiring and touching. The vedio is very moving and forces us to rethink on the small little blessings we have in life. Your contribution and support towards such philanthropic activities is very motivating and encouraging. Hats off to you and to the lady. Regards

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