Quitting the race for a College degree….

 Two things are very deeply ingrained in the Indian psyche: obtaining a college degree and landing up a good job. Most of the students are not bothered what they are graduating in but they just go through the college for three reasons; one it gives them an opportunity to spend good three years of life in the company of peers , friends; two it keeps the parents off their trail, keeps the parents happy and three some think that obtaining a degree will open up avenues for better jobs.

higher educationHow I wish Indian college degrees could assure the holders a good job, but unfortunately, they do not. Annual Employability Survey 2019 report by Aspiring Minds reveal that 80 % of the students graduating in engineering are not fit for not any job in the knowledge economy. According to the India Skills report by Wheelbox, People Strong and CII only around 46 % of the Indian students surveyed were found to be employable or ready to take up jobs in 2019.

This trend will continue to remain so because of our mindset of giving stress on marks and not on educating (encouraging rote learning), on getting degrees and not on learning skills. Most students enter get into college under societal, peer or parental pressure. When even the so-called students, who are following their passion find it difficult to get a good job placement after obtaining a degree, the fate of students entering ‘forced graduation’ can be well imagined.

Many a youth realise the futility of the ‘forced graduation’ and want to make amends by changing streams or following a skill development avenue but obstacles in the form of parental and the societal pressure step in. ‘Do not give up’, ‘You can do it’, ‘You are almost half way through, the entire money and effort put in will go waste’, ‘Stay positive’ are few of the phrases which the student hears every single day till he makes a final call and unfortunately a majority gives up the thought of making mid-course correction for want of support from parents. An attempt to give up a degree course in between or changing over to another course is taken as a failure, ‘What will people think about us or our child?’ is the main thought which generally stops the parents from supporting the child at this juncture. They rather force the child to complete the course without realising how harmful it can be for his/ her future. Not just the two/ three years spend in the pursuit of an unwanted degree are a wastage of time and effort, the degree itself is of no value after it is obtained.

The Indian education system is designed to kill creativity and innovation, nothing will change till the students and the parents push for the change. It is better to pursue a desired skill development than to waste years getting an unwanted/ unhelpful degree. It is better to be a master of a specialised skill than to be just one of the many college graduates having uncertain future.


Author: krish

I am Krish ..... I believe that Life is beyond routine..... Having spent good part of my last 30 years of life in Human resource and material management , I am here to share my experience and gain from others...... My aim in life is just to be 'Me ' ...and be happy always...

6 thoughts on “Quitting the race for a College degree….”

  1. The article made an interesting read especially with the data and statistics. Well I must admit while doing MBA (which is Post Graduation) the concern of the majority students was still the same ie degree and marks and a good job ( NO Learning). Surprisingly this is despite the various industry speakers’ emphasis on skill skill and skill development with aptitude and attitude during their talks. But then its too late to make that change cause the change is required right at the Primary Education Level where it matters the most. Regards

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    1. That’s so right Lalit…change is what we resist most of the times despite knowing that what we are doing is not the absolute correct….
      Have a wonderful day 🙏🙏


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