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 The best side effect of Corona, in my view, was that our God came home; the humans got locked inside the homes and the God got unlocked from the places of worships, the temples.

One thing which always irritated me no end was the religious beliefs and the traditions passed down through generations in every family and being followed blindly. I never understood why I should require a mediator (a religious priest) to converse with my God that too in a language alien to me. Why should a priest be required as a translator to convey my prayers/ wishes to God in a language which I do not understand? Why can’t I converse with my God in the language I speak? Why cannot I speak with HIM whenever, wherever I want to, why is a day fixed and an appointment needed? If I am HIS child, then where is the space for someone else between me and HIM? My God should understand the language I speak otherwise HE is not mine.

God must be really getting bored everyday hearing same verses (shlokas) recited by the bhaktas (followers) from same holy books day in and day out. Why do I have to recite set of holy verses to attract attention of my God, to make him happy? I think God will not be worried about whether I can recite the holy verses verbatim or not, What will make Him happy to know is that whether I have adopted those teachings from the holy books in my life or not.

As far I am concerned, I converse with my God whenever, wherever I want and in the language I speak. I am 50 plus and do not know any shloka (Holy verse) or prayer by heart rather do not understand any shloka. I know God must be having a busy schedule, such a huge population to deal with, everyone seeking answer to a different problem. Hence, my prayers are short and crisp, I just thank him twice a day (morning and evening) for giving me a beautiful life.

I was blessed the day I was born. Is not being born healthy and normal a blessing enough, mind ticking and limbs moving? God gave me a healthy brain and limbs and thus the ability to deal with my life problems. Why should I run to HIM for every small thing? I should only go to HIM for expressing gratitude for making me capable. If all of us overload HIM with our small problems, then how will he have time to deal with bigger problems like Corona?

I do have long conversations or should I say chats with God at times, talking on whatever comes to mind. It is quite refreshing and believe you me HE answers. I am convinced that HE converses with me because I do not bore HIM with the standard stuff; HE also loves informal chatting as compared to a formal conversation.

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‘Ram Rajya’ (Peaceful society, rule of law prevails) prevailed in India because Lord Rama or Krishna both did not live in temples those days. No one had to go and knock the doors of the temples to seeks an appointment, they were available for conversation anywhere, anytime. Corona has provided us with a Golden opportunity to free the God from the temples (places of worship). Let HIM be present anywhere, everywhere, let HIM live in every human heart. Let us usher back the era of ‘Ram Rajya’.


‘Bhagwan se chahane wale to bhut hain, bhagwaan ko chahane wale bano’ (There is no dearth of people seeking things/ blessings from God; why can’t you be different, stop demanding, just be in love with HIM)


  1. Good morning Sir,

    Sir u just echoed my feelings…..even some time i also feel the same.

    With Regards

  2. Very nicely worded article sir. You last line sums up everything. I do understand your logic and point of view but this is how we are brought up to feel guilty if don’t follow some rituals or traditions even though they don’t make any sense many a times. Ms Corona has proved it yet again that Mind Body Soul God all are one and they all reside with in each individual. The earlier we find them more peaceful we will be. Regards

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