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The basic cause of unhappiness in most people’s life comes from failure to understand their why. They spent their lives trying to find out why others are happier than them, earning more money than them or scoring more marks than them; living in the ‘uski saree meri saree se safed kiun’ syndrome (Why her saree is whiter than mine syndrome).


Then there are others who want to acquire a thing because their friend has acquired it, or want to visit a place just because the neighbours have been there (or just because they want to click selfies there and post it on the social media; how much some people must be missing this, so depressing!!!)

Why can’t I just live for my why? Do a thing because I want to do it, because it makes me happy, because it is my choice and not because others have done it. I should spend time and effort in establishing why I want to do what I want to do. The how will fall in place once the why has been established. I should only get worried about what others are doing to the extent of maintaining novelty, if so desired (Just like the corona virus which, despite existence of thousands of viruses on the mother earth, still came, least bothered about others and sorted out the humans like none before it had ever done, because of its uniqueness). So, my aim should be to be unique, not to be a virus or a parasite which survives/ lives on others or because of others. Any idea will shine and be accepted and respected if it is unique (or cheaper and better than the already existing ideas).

Please stop worrying about why your child has got lesser marks or lower pay scale than your neighbour’s child; leave out the others/ neighbours just worry about why your child has got lower marks and you will get the answer and maybe you will help him/ her improve. Learn to just worry about your why not your neighbour’s. Do not expect your team to excel just because your competitor is excelling, expect the team to excel because it is capable and you have faith in them and their ideas, similarly do not expect your child to score more than 90% marks just because the neighbours child is doing so, expect him/ her to do well because you believe that he/ she has the ability to do so (If you do not know your child’s capabilities than you are anyways wasting time, child’s and yours) .



  1. मनुष्य अपने दुखों से कम दुसरो को खुश देख कर ज्यादा दुखी होता है ।

  2. Nice Analogy of linking Life and Virus. Yes the Pandemic days have opened up our eyes in many ways. Those good old sayings and teachings are proving to be true and yes live your life your way and to the best of your capabilities is the Life Mantra which has never been understood better before. Regards

  3. I aided in training a waitress to replace me as a manager. She was one of the best servers I have ever seen. The 2 of us could keep a dining room of folks (22tables, maybe 60-ish people), entirely happy with their timely service. She had schooling for a few different professions – certified cpa & even a dental assistant. When I asked why she waitresses here, she said, “It’s what I like”. Money wasn’t the motivation. She didn’t care if others thought her profession was less than desirable. It wasn’t for her. She lived for her why.

    1. Thank you Renee…these are the people who are real motivators…the ones who understand their why…the way you do..
      God bless you 🙏🙏

      1. That waitress possibly knew, I cannot stake that claim of having figured out my dharma, but perhaps you can, considering the way in which you write/type. Bestest : ) wishes back at you

      2. I like my middle name better. I actually thought it neat you always did that …. Maybe, I prefer it : ) yes, go back to Renée

      3. Thank you so much Renee..somehow I preferred addressing you as Renee….I don’t know the reason..but it just resonated.. God bless you 🙏🌹🙏

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