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It is a blessing to go for long walks in an open, pollution free and safe environment, specially in this time when the fear of Ms Corona meeting around the corner, unannounced, looms large in every mind. Yes, it is more in the mind, Corona will not catch you unless you to hug and kiss, so practice physical distancing, keep face covered and hands clean.

Why does one go for a walk or a run? Well, most say because it helps them keep fit, so if tomorrow God guarantees you life long fitness without making any effort, will you stop going for the walk/ run? I will not for sure, because I am not being pushed for the walk by the desire of losing weight or staying fit.

What a feeling it is to watch the sun rise and set every morning and evening, hear the birds chirp in the background as I walk past lost in my thoughts; cannot be explained in words. So many people walk past, do not personally know most of them, but yet a good wish and a smile is exchanged, where else will I get an opportunity to smile, pass on a smile and make friends for no specific reason.

I go for a walk because it gives me an opportunity to be with me in a clean and green environment, talk to myself. I get an opportunity to converse with myself, at times with my God and find answers to most of the issues lingering in the mind during these walks. All the blogs I share are first written in my mind during the walks before finally being published.

Yes, an hour-long walk does help in filling the lungs with fresh oxygen, make the heart and mind go gaga with happiness and help the blood flow without stress through the body but I walk because it makes me happy and I have no reason to believe that anything is going to change in the future.

So all of you people, go for a daily walk, it relieves stress, helps you think fresh, make friends, stay happy and also helps you to stay fit.


Inspiration Vs Motivation….


  1. A man knows everyone but himself. He makes observations for everyone but for himself, so he is always prejudiced and if I may say myopic. This journey within is something that very few are gifted with. Kabir has said
    ” bura Jo dekhan main chala, bura na milia koi, jab dil khoja aapna mujh se bura na koi”.
    Krishna in one of his sermons in Geeta says, …….
    Main hi dand deta hun aur dand bhi main hi hun us dand ko bhugatne wala apradhi bhi main hi hun. If man could understand that a meeting with himself is most necessary atleast once a day he will realize that that there is nothing to anyone else and anything else. Sir, hope your blog would evoke the thought.
    Regards. Siddharth.

  2. Gifted are those who understand the philosophy and spirituality of a long solitary walk in the beutiful enviornment. And If done daily….. nothing could be more enriching and soul satisfying than anything in life. The article and picture is Beautiful Sir. Regards

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