‘Me time’ or the ‘Mobile time’….debate goes on….

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No other technical gadget has invaded the human life like the smart phones. From communication to entertainment, education, online shopping, work from home, it has become an essential part of our daily lives more so in this difficult time of the COVID pandemic. One feels incomplete with a smart phone in hand.

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Mobile phones from being a means of communication also has become a major source of distraction, addiction, depression. The ‘mobile time’ has gradually replaced the ‘me time’ and taken over major part of the ‘family time’. From the conference tables in the offices to the dining tables at home one common factor is the smart phone occupying a pride of place. The way the phone is displayed on the table indicates who and what is more important. A ping of a message received gets more attention than the real conversation going on. A ring on the phone can make the owner forget his favourite food. Wi-fi connectivity matters more than the mental compatibility.

There was a time when I loved to spend time in my own company, talking to myself, living in my own imaginary world. Now the mobile phone has invaded that space and I spent maximum time in company of my phone. Whenever I am free the hand automatically goes to the phone and the scrolling starts. Most of the time what starts as a ‘check the mail or message update’ ends up in spending a couple of hours on surfing the net without much reason. The smart phone which otherwise is connecting me to the world has taken me away from myself.

The smart phones have made life simpler, but it has also forced the mind away from generating own ideas to ‘cut copy pasting’ from the 100s of ideas available online; the creativity and originality has taken a backseat.

The smart phones are here to stay, rather will continue to get smarter with every passing year. It is on us, the humans, to prove that we are the smartest and keep the smart phones in its place; not let them take over our lives. It is high time we stopped displaying our smart phones on the conference/ dining tables, resist from taking a peek at the messages or chatting during meetings; formal or informal.


  1. Very well written sir. I keep devising ways and means to keep the phone away but it catches on at times. Forced my self back to see old DD programmes on TV and some book reading and it’s working at times. Regards

    1. ‘ Being with me’ cannot be compared with ‘ being with mobile or tv’ ..we all look for escapes from ‘ me’..and stick to the gadgets..

  2. Good observationI Krish.Once upon a time, I was addicted to social media and my cellphone with virtual friends was my best companion.But gradually I realised the futility of my actions and seriously detached myself from all fruitless activities.I am still active but with my priorities set.Reading being a passion gives immense pleasure and satisfaction…also the joy of being in one’s own company is immeasurable.

    1. Yes Mona..
      I know , I have seen you distance yourself from fb and other platforms…
      One has to spend time in own company for growth…

  3. Good morning Sir,
    Infact smartphone become more smarter in many case comparison to human…..i m also trying way and means to keep phone minimum time with me and out of that time maximum time in silent mode.


  4. Balance in this regard is very important.
    Human brain development is more important than technological development.
    I think new is nowadays mostly opinions and not facts, so, not need to check on them frequently.
    We really have to keep the time spent with devices low.
    I’m lucky, since once I type some medical research job or clinical trial doc, I don’t even want to look at computer. I rarely use phone, mostly for photos, pictures and FB Messenger call with my family across the ocean.
    I think these, who have work which keeps them away from screens, are winners. I don’t need computer or phone to paint or draw and writing involves research, but in moderation.
    Good post!

    1. Thank you Luyanda…I have listened to.many of Simon Sinek’ s talks…he makes lot of sense …

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