Educating through COVID – 19

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COVID – 19 has been spreading like wildfire since it was declared a pandemic by WHO on 30 Jan 20. The virus has equally affected the rich or the poor, developed & underdeveloped countries. The education sector too has been badly affected with all educational institutes / schools remaining closed since last two months, exams have been cancelled and uncertainty prevails about the start of new session.

Though the pandemic has directly affected the conduct of classrooms teaching but it has thrown open doors of opportunity in a change resistant sector, which education has generally been. The situation is forcing an introspection in the sector and adoption of technology as a major aid. Though the schools are adopting various available platforms to impart online education to students, various issues exist, especially in rural/ remote areas, which require deliberations and workable solutions to make digital learning/ teaching more effective.


  1. Sir….you have rightly pointed out the ongoing cutrent online classes issue and problems involved. Something needs to be done about it imdtly but for the time being those students who are really interested can join no of online platforms like Udemy/ Byjus/ Khan Academy and number of online platforms which are imparting good quality education in simplistic and affordable manner. The greatest loss is of the rural students who must be facing connectivity issues etc. Regular School Going teachers are not yet adapted to this new platform and hence the quality of classes can be best left to imagination.

  2. Good morning Sir,

    Online classes r not that effective and it can not be substitute of face to face class….yes it always better then nothing… atleast kids started involving some kind of activity 💐💐💐

    1. Thank you Raj..
      Online classes are here to stay..
      We got to keep improving…and making them interesting..
      God bless you 😇

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