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The teachers are always running against time and hard pressed for completing the syllabus for respective classes but is all that effort actually worth it? Is all that effort actually leading to educating the mind , which it is supposed to? The syllabus are vast, so much to learn in a limited time followed by tests and tests and more tests to test the retention (certainly not understanding) capability of a child’s mind. Some schools and Board of Education go a step further and believe that more difficult the question paper better it is for testing the mind.

Damn it! Job of the schools and all these Education boards is to educate the minds and not just to ‘Test and grade’ . Marks can be obtained through rote learning( which most students resort to ) But education comes through understanding (There is no time to understand nor much efforts is made by schools/ teachers towards that). Ease out the syllabus, give time to teachers & students to make the teaching / learning process more practical.

‘Information by itself has little meaning unless the mind knows how to use it practically’.


  1. Teaching is an art..teachers are generally selected on their educational background.. Every teacher may not be able to transform his/her educational information to a good knowledge for the student.
    Secondly in a class..every student has different IQ and grasping power.. That makes the teaching more difficult.. Given the time constraint.

    1. Yes sir..
      That’s what has to be understood..and teaching carried out accordingly…the difference in mental capability is not too much..only the mind has to be directed..ignited

      1. Love reading ur blogs Sir

        Good morning Sir..πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

  2. Agree with you Krish…the approach to educating minds has to be more interesting and practical.

  3. Very valid point made sir. Even your other blog on education system touches upon the most important topic concerning the future of our nation that I will comment upon and share my thoughts under that blog only. The syllabus designing has to be certainly more scientific, logical and at the same time pragmatic. It is very important to decide the learning outcomes correctly and then devise the curriculum accordingly. We just go on adding and increasing the syllabus without a thought to actual requirements, capability of students and teaching faculty. Only if we can be realistic we will be able to come up with a syllabus that can be achieved. The surveys of our education system present a dismal state of learning outcomes of the students, despite our syllabi being so vast. Children in 3 rd std are unable to count upto 100 and unable to make a single sentence in Hindi. A lot needs to be done at this front certainly and the start point should be with correct syllabi…regards

  4. Going through MBA studies these days and despite the several industry based or faculty based instructors advising our batch of 100 students to stop mugging up or learning from only exam point ……it all falls on the deaf ears. Exam – Marks – Jobs have become the only Goal of life…..thanks to our schools/ colleges curriculum and exam culture inculcated into us for over 25 years. Will require 360 degree effort to make some sense into our education system.

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