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I embarked on my journey of blog writing on 17 Apr 18 on AWESOME , UNIQUE AND BORN TO BE A LEADER and today after a passage of little more than two years I write my 100th blog. In between I had to take a break to take care of my health issues till I came back again and too co- incidentally on 17 Apr 20; nothing planned but it just happened that way.


At the outset I would like to thank my wife for being part of this journey, most of my blogs/ stories are centered around her and she has taken everything I have written ‘sportingly’. I also thank my daughter, Pranjal, my biggest critique and motivator. My gratitude to all my friends who have always taken out time to read my blogs and given their valuable inputs.

Why I took to blogging?

It was surprising for most of the people who knew me closely, when I decided to write blogs that too in English language. A person, whose vocabulary of a language is finite, hold on grammar and capability to play with words mediocre, is generally not expected take to writing in that language. I, being from North India, am more comfortable in speaking and thinking in my mother tongue Hindi and my capability of English conversation is dependent on how fast my brain can translate my Hindi thoughts into English at a given point of time.

I still decided to take to blogging in English as I firmly believed that HOW you express does matter but more than that what actually catches the attention is WHAT you say and WHY you say it. English as a language also does helps in conversing with a larger diversified audience.

Blogging helps me in sharing my life experiences with people I may never meet. Believe you me, whatever I express in my blogs is based on my personal experiences. I have gone through each of those situations before I penned them.

The progress….

My intent is not to pursue blogging as a profession, but it has certainly become a passion. Blogging not only provides a platform to express thoughts/ feelings what you otherwise may never be able to speak, it also is a great learning enabler. One gets to interact with variety of people from world over and get to read varied views on diverse subjects.

I do not have a follower base and it does not bother me much. If my content is worthwhile, I am sure people will read. Many other bloggers have advised me to create a niche, target a set audience but somehow as of now I want to try my hand at whatever genre I can though education/ motivation/ human relations will continue to be in the forefront.


I am putting in effort, learning and certainly improving. I am not able to interact


with fellow bloggers much due to my present commitments but soon I intend spending more time on it. My aim is to have my own website, a place to express and interact on varied subjects. I am sure with your blessings I will succeed.

Thank you so all for being part of my journey…..


  1. For the most of the people who know you besides close family members ….yes it was a bit surprising to see you write but I must say your blogs have been very motivating , inspiring and thought provoking. Since I do read a couple of more blogs regularly posted by my friends and cousemates…..I must say frankly your choice of words and sentences forming makes it interesting , easy to read and comprehend. Lastly ….Heartiest Congratulations for completing the First Century but I’m very sure it’s your first step towards a greater journey in the writers world. With Best Wishes. Regards

  2. As far as i know you from my school days you were always brilliant in what ever thing you did be it academics sports or debates and thats the sole reason for your success .you always tried to give more than 100% to your efforts.
    My English is also not that good but yours is far better than the bests

  3. Congratulations Sir….on ur 💯 th blog….. hallmark of your blogs are simple language without using much fancy/difficult words make u enjoy reading it.💐💐💐

    1. Congratulations on 100..In my opinion thinking in mother tongue.. Is natural.. And it brings out the genuine… As it is connected with nature and culture one has imbibed.
      I thoroughly enjoy your blogs.. And wish you cross 1000 at the earliest is.

      1. Thank you… Abhijeet…was missing your valuable comments..
        God bless you 🙏🌹

  4. Congratulations bro…
    I am sure you will soon be celebrating another century soon..
    Words that follow the heart..Reach the heart of many more… Keep pouring out your heart and the language will see no boundaries……Kudos bro!!!

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