My Date with Corona….

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I bid farewell to my wife and daughter at the airport on 10 Mar 20 and as I reached back home late evening I had this mixed emotion of bit of sadness of having to live without them for a considerable of time and then there was a spark in a corner of the heart lighted by thought of imminent freedom (as we say in India- “Ek aankh mein dukh ke aansu …ek mein Khushi” “Tears flowed from one eye as the other sparkled with joy”). Having lived long under the ‘watchful’ eye of the family since quite some time the heart had secretly longed for these moments of freedom and finally God had answered my prayers so it was time to enjoy.


I controlled my emotions for four days but on the fifth I could not and headed for the club full of hope. I entered the overcrowded dance room with a roving eye and a wishful mind and I saw this most beautiful and groovy lady that I had ever seen in my life. A lady any man in his right senses would dream of dating. She appeared to be all by herself with a glass of wine for company and a tempting sparkle in the eyes. My heart beat increased with expectations and the brain, like that of any good man, went manipulative working out strategies to catch her attention. Luck and God, both appeared to be in my favour and I was by her side without much efforts. As we exchanged pleasantries, the loud music playing made it difficult to converse and she came tantalizingly close, bending over to whisper in my ear. I could feel the warmth of her breath brushing my cheeks as she introduced herself. As I heard the name she whispered, my knees went weak and the already numb brain went number (“Kya yehi pyaar hai” Naa Naa Naa (Was it excitement overpowering my senses? No not at all). In her most melodious voice, I clearly heard she saying “I am Coronaaaa”. It was a sheer feeling of fear which had grasped my brain and body as I heard that name (and they say ‘What’s there in a name?’).

I don’t know what hit me, just made an excuse and escaped. I took off from the club in my car at top speed, feeling safe and happy that I had left Corona behind. (feeling like Sunny Deol, “Mein nikla Gaddi leke, top speed pe, socha Corona ko peeche chor aaya”).

But that was not to be, my feeling of joy and safety were short lived. As I opened the door, there she was standing in front, mischief in the eyes, the sensuous lips puckered, the head inclined to a side and she said “Itnee bhi kya jaldee hai, abhi to party shuru hui hai” (Why were you in such a hurry to leave? The party has just started, sit back, relax and enjoy.).

I was absolutely frozen, tongue tied, words refusing to come out, throat dry and certainly sweat starting to show on the forehead and that’s the time at the stroke of midnight on 15 Mar 20, I was shaken out of my dream, body sweating and a severe pain in the throat. Thankfully it was only a dream (Thank God, my dream of dating a beautiful girl had not come true). (“Sapna mera toot gaya”).

stay safe

Beware, some dreams certainly have the capability of turning into a nightmare, this was just one of them.

Disclaimer: This story is just a story, a figment of author’s imagination. It is not based on any real-life story, certainly not the authors. (Specially meant for my wife and daughter).


  1. Dry throat was most threatening… :)and the disclaimer was a must.. Never know.. If there is clerical error in corona and kareena..
    Good write up sir.. Keep writing

  2. Too good sir. Really nice and catching. Wish the story ie dream lasted longer 😄. Nonetheless …..your creative writing has turned out be better when alone. The last few blogs have been really good. Regards

    1. Thank u Lalit….most readers have said the same thing….more descriptive dream…but then you know capability of Indian ladies to read between the lines…..abhi or jeena hai…😂😃😂😂

  3. This is one of your best write up Krish… enthralling and piqued my curiosity throughout.The disclaimer was most thoughtful.

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