Life is beyond earning a salary and paying rentals…..

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The other day while browsing the internet I came across this lovely quote “You are not here to just work, wait for weekends and pay rent”.  It is so relevant today where most people are just working 9 am to 9 pm (some even later than that), there are no evenings; the day starts and before one realises it is night. Weekend is the only time left for catching up with lost sleep, friends or relations (Some use it for catching up with laundry too).


Build relationships…..

Most of us are over working ourselves to get enough salary to pay house rents, loans or school fee of kids. The expenditures are sky rocketing because each one of us wants a good house to live in (Each person has his own definition of a good house), have a good/big car and send the kids to the best(?) available school. If we cut down our requirements from a good house to a decent house, big car to a good car and the best school to a good school the expenditure will be nearly halved and maybe (maybe) we won’t have to keep ourselves busy over long working hours. 

Social activities are generally restricted to office get-togethers over the weekend. There is hardly any bonding and the relationships generally only last as long as people are working in the same company. People have developed expertise in staying lonely in a crowd. If you closely observe the crowd on a Metro station it appears like a sea of humans with each one unaware of the person of the others, earphones stuck in the ears, ears listening to some music but the mind busy analysing something else at the same time. There is no time for leisure, everybody is busy moving. 

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Read Books….

There is hardly anyone seen reading a book in a train; majority is busy browsing the net, answering mails / messages. Books, rather print media as such have become the biggest casualty of the fast-changing lifestyle. Not just in the trains, the books are not seen much at homes also too (Other than the school books of kids) 

Whatever time one gets at home, before hitting the bed, is usually spent checking the mails (or whatsapp??) or watching TV. The body is too tired to listen to pay enough attention to the parents or the kids. 

Select your aim of life carefully….. 

Life can be certainly much better than the mess we have developed it into. The paucity of time we all feel always is our own creation; because of our inabilities to differentiate between needs, wants and desires. There is no doubt that hard work is must for achieving any aim but then the art of selecting the right aim doesn’t come easy to everyone. If at the very outset a wrong aim has been selected then we will only keep going around in circles and never reach the set goal. 

life is beyond work n salary


If we want to live the life peacefully, do not allow the desires to take the place of wants and needs. Get into the habit of reading books instead of watching TV; you will save the time wasted on watching unwanted commercials. Thankfully books have no commercials. Have time for the relations (specially for each other, parents and kids) and friends. Learn to develop long term relationships. More than anything else learn to have time for yourself.


  1. How true. At the end of day , the mind wanders as to what one has done or achieved the entire day. Life is much beyond the routine but we have probably limited ourselves. A good novel or a chat with friends etc will give you much better moments and memories than daily dose of social networks. Very pertinent points touched upon and worth cultivating amongst the young ones. Excellent piece of writing.

  2. Krish, you sound like speaking my mind. True we should not let the desires to take the place of wants and needs but unknowingly we all do that. I always feel trap in between all these things. Such a great reminder through your post.

  3. Very well written. Every person can have a different Aim, depends upon what one values in Life. However, irony is that most of us are just following the herd. Lets pause and decide and then have conviction to follow without getting bothered with what others may think.

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