Deepawali..…the battle within….

Deepawali, is one festival which is celebrated across India by one and all irrespective of the religion they follow. As per mythology Lord Rama reached back Ayodhya (His Kingdom) on this day after completion of his 14 years exile and vanquishing Ravana in a bitter battle at Lanka. This day happened to be a New moon day (No moon) and each end every house was well lit up with the help of earthen lamps to welcome the prince (Rama). Even now all houses are lighted up using earthen lamps as also modern lights to commemorate the home coming and people burst crackers too to express happiness. 

Life Lessons… 

Lord Rama (born and brought up in the comforts of a place) along with his wife Sita and brother Laxman spent 14 years in exile in jungles, in total discomfort. But he did not give up and successfully completed the promise given to his Father, the King of Ayodhya. During the course of his exile he also successfully fought a war against Ravana and eliminated him, in spite of the later having a superior Army. 

Two very important lessons are there in this story. Firstly, the lighting up of Ayodhya on return of Lord Rama, symbolises the saying that there is light at the end of the tunnel. In spite of all odds if one stays focused on the aim and does not gives up, he will succeed. 

The second lesson is that the good in you will carry you through. It’s the focus, calmness and the discipline of Rama which helped him defeat the large army of Ravana (the victory of Good over evil). 

Today also there is a Ravana residing in the mind of every human being with whom we fight a daily battle but unfortunately in most cases Ravana is surviving and dictating life decisions. The Ravana continues to not just survive but in most cases dominate too because of the mental weakness of the individuals. Be strong, dominate the evil and eliminate it. Let the goodness prevail in the world, let people at large feel safe and comfortable. The inner strength will come from education and practicing discipline. 


Air Pollution…. 

Generally mustard or ground nut oil is used in the earthen lamp to burn. The burning of this oil kills not only purifies the atmosphere by killing the germs but also helps in cleansing the human aura. But unfortunately, the earthen lamps are now being replaced by electric light and candles which do not have the same effect.  Use of earthen lamps will not just save electricity but also keep the atmosphere clean. 

The bursting of crackers has lately overtaken the traditional ways of celebrating Deepawali. Too much bursting of crackers not just causes noise pollution but also badly ruins the air which may cause diseases. The bursting of crackers may not be totally stopped but has to be controlled. The Supreme Court of India had to finally step in and pass directions for controlling use of crackers. 


Deepawali has to be celebrated as victory of Good over evil. Aim should be to spread happiness, to cleanse not just the houses but the minds to make the world a better place to live. Let’s vow to make a sincere effort to cleanse our society of ills and negativity. Light the heart and the mind.