What for am I living???…Because I am loving it….

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Long back I was attending a seminar on Stress management where one of the speakers asked a straight question to the audience ‘What is the reason for their wanting to live more; to have a long life?’ As expected, the standard response which came from the participants was that they had many responsibilities (parents, children, spouse) which they had to fulfill hence they wanted to live long enough to meet the aspirations of their near and dear ones. There were some others who wanted to live cause they wanted to taste success, achieve their set aims. 

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Life is beyond routine….

Is what the participants stated, the main reason that we are living for? Yes, each one of us have set our responsibilities/ aims in life which we want to achieve during our life time but these can’t be the main reason that we are living for. Most of us get so much caught in the routine that we forget that life is much beyond that. This is the major cause of increased stress in the society. 

I am not living just because I have responsibilities of my children/ parents or because I want to rise to the top position of the organisation I work for. Every time we fail to achieve our perceived aim the stress level increases and there are some who get depressed so much that they end up taking their own life. Till we keep seeking happiness from mark sheets, competition results, promotions and keep comparing our lives with others actual happiness will be too difficult to achieve. 

happiness is not in marksheets

This too shall pass…. 

Life is a roller coaster ride, full of ups and downs, twists and turns and actually these are what actual spice to the otherwise set routine. Life, birth, failures, promotions are all part of life and have to be taken in the stride accordingly. Failure to achieve any set aim, doesn’t anyway means life comes to a stop. “No single success is a permanent source of happiness than why should any failure be permanent reason for depression”. 

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I am living because I am loving it…. 

Once I have fulfilled my perceived obligations to my parents, spouse, children or risen to the top post of my organisation or earned enough will I stop living? Than Why should I stop living if I fail to achieve something. Failure in n o way reflect any individuals incompetence, there are reasons beyond that. 

Love what you do

Life is way beyond routine; the births, deaths, failures, promotions, responsibilities. I am alive because I love my life. Yes, pulls and pushes of relations and work pressures will be there but they cannot adversely affect my happiness. I cannot and will never let that happen. Life is to be lived, loved and enjoyed. Life is about caring, sharing and loving. Happiness doesn’t depend on who you are and what you have; It solely depends on what you think, its all in the mind.


  1. No comments. Nothing left to say. Truly mind boggling and absolutely awesome. Guru Mantra for life all summed up in the article. Thanks

  2. Can’t agree more…truly I am living because I am loving it..loving this world….people, place, activities, seasons, food…you name it and I am in romance with it.😀

  3. Exactly. It was such a delight reading this and I am glad that there are people who think like this and not just money and comfort and all what society says. =)

  4. Healthy Self-Esteem: To be positive is to know and truly believe that you are a valuable person and have something to offer. Trust in yourself and your decisions. Fulfilling Life: A positive state of mind creates positive emotions. Positive emotions creates a positive lifestyle.

  5. I am always looking forward to your post and I love your journey that you are sharing.

  6. Nice post. There is much more to life to enjoy other than some day to day routine. It is up to us to enjoy all that life gives us.

  7. “This too shall pass” is something that I remind myself during all hard times. My grandmother started saying this to me at a young age, and it has stuck with me.

  8. Some great food for thought. This article makes me more mindful of what am I living for.

  9. Very interesting! Life is to be lived, absolutely, beyond responsibilities and obligations, for purpose and appreciation of all there is.

  10. This is a very deep post, with some poignant words here. I think we all go through this at some point in our lives. Very meaningful.

  11. I love my life though many ups and downs it doesnt matter. Because I want to finish this course until the end and face our great creator to say that i did my best to follow you.

  12. Some people live to work, I rather work to live. Life is beautiful and yes, most of us tend to get caught in the rat race but life is more than just doing your parental duties, wife duties, husband duties, work duties, and business duties. Life is beautiful and should be appreciated. Little things around us that makes living worth it should never be ignored.

  13. That was an enjoyable post to read. I love the message here. We all need to love life and not let the smaller things drag us down.

  14. If someone ask me how are you today, I always answer fantastic. It’s because I do love my life and want to live everyday not because of work for money or for family. Just a reminder of positive vibe and blessed with all I have.

  15. What a positive article. Life means something different for everyone but with different purposes we all are living.

  16. I love how you mentioned that ” I am living because I am loving it..” not due to any obligation. Many of my friends are obliged to do certain things in order to satisfied their children needs etc. I totally agree life is to be lived, loved and enjoy. Most importantly live is about caring, sharing and loving. Happiness is on our mind. Thanks for another powerful motivation page.

  17. I like this word “Every time we fail to achieve our perceived aim the stress level increases and there are some who get depressed so much that they end up taking their own life. “..motivation for me….thanks you…:)

  18. It’s difficult to remember that life isn’t all about obligations. As a mom, I know that there are things that I don’t do because I put my kids first, which I should do and care about their well-being, but in order to really care about them, I need to also take care of myself so I’m happy, too.

  19. I think sometimes we do get into a routine which can feel like a hamster wheel. We have to find ways to live and feel life in its vibrancy.

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