What differentiates successful people from the not so successful?

Success is what we all seek in whatever we do in our life. All of us seemingly put in our best but still very few actually achieve what they set out to. It’s the habits, hobbies/ interests one pursues which actually make the difference in life. A close look at the lives of the successful people will reveal that they all had these five/ six qualities which made them stand out in life. 

Self-Belief is more than half the battle won…. 

If you don’t believe, no one else will either. You got to believe in your capabilities. Detailed planning and sound preparation are what give feet to the belief and wings to the imagination. If you have not prepared well than your flight is likely to crash midway. Preparations not just includes building up the knowledge base but also the human/ material resources and taking care of your own health.


Discipline provides the base for success….. 

Discipline is the base on which success stands firm. Once you have set your mind on achieving an aim then that should become your ‘Religion’; you should not just dream it, but live, eat, drink it as well. You can’t let anything waver your focus. Nothing can be allowed to interfere with your schedule. 

Challenge your limits…. 

Sleep and rest lose meaning in pursuit of a dream, but at the same time do not burn yourself out before reaching the goal. Every successful man/ woman has put in those extra hours of effort/ burnt midnight oil to achieve their goal. At young age one can afford to work long hours; do it when needed. The mind and body can withstand the beating. You can’t afford to lose time. You may achieve what you wanted to but remember its always the first successful achiever who is remembered. 

Good company makes a positive difference….. 

Choose your company wisely. It’s not just about selection of friends but also picking up advisers and co-workers. Friends/ advisers influence life like no one else. Learn to differentiate between good friends and acquaintances. Your habits are the sum total of the habits of four or five friends whose company you keep. People around you can boast you up or pull you down depending on their attitude. 

Attitude matters….

Attitude matters in the pursuit of a goal but what matters most is whether that attitude is positive or negative. There will be many who will try to pull you down by feeding negative thoughts. You have to tread through the intent and move on. I know quotes on ‘Stay positive’ always sell on social media but its not easy to continue to move North when everybody else seems to be heading South. When everything around you seems to be crashing down and your mind starts wavering, take a short break, take stock of the situation and re-start after a careful analysis. 

Cool mind will take you ahead …. 

The easiest thing to do when the pressure builds up is to let go, blow it off. Taking off the lid once a while may be good but if you do it too often it may shake your own foundation. Learn to face the adversities with a cool mind and never ever be in a hurry to jump to conclusion or pass the blame of failure to others. As a leader its always good to identify the fault lines, take responsibilities and work for improvement. 

The success you are going to achieve in life will be dependent on your habits, hobbies and the company.