Are you ‘Original’ or are you a ‘Copy’?

In every class in a school there are intelligent and not so intelligent students or one can classify them as hardworking and not so hardworking or may be the worldly- wise types who know when and where to put in the hard work. 

There is a vast majority which religiously does the homework daily and then there are other two types; one who just copy the homework of the hardworking types and then there are the more intelligent types who also copy the answers of the hardworking types but are sharp enough to change the way it is presented, making it look like original work. Well I have no intention of re-igniting the age- old debate as to who among the three types is actually intelligent. I am here to debate as to who among them is ‘original’.

Who is actually an Original?

As per dictionary ‘Original’ means ‘present or existing from the beginning; first or earliest’ or ‘earliest form of something from which copies can be created’. Well this definition may be true for things or property but may not be for human thoughts. Generations of humans have passed through the universe and everything possible would have been thought of by someone or the other by now. The first one to pen an idea may not actually be the first one who thought of it.  What may make one person unique is how he uses or presents that thought. So, for me ‘Originals’ are not people who always create something new but are the ones who do or present things differently. 

Going back to from where I started ‘copying the homework’. Who among those students is original? All of them copied the answers; the hardworking types from the book and the other two from hardworking types. The hardworking types and the students who just copied from them, as it is, may not be termed as original because they have copied an idea (ans) and presented it as it is, where as the ones who changed the presentation are certainly originals; at least they thought and presented differently. Anyways, more than just completing the homework what matters is understanding the subject (which was given as homework). 

It is your thoughts and presentations which make you different. No new music notes can be created but certainly every time they can be presented differently.  One person created something and thereafter others have built on it/ added to it and improved the product. 

Do what you love…

As Andre Gide said” Everything has been said….” But that should not stop you from saying it, adding your own thought to it, saying it with your own perspective. There are millions who have not heard or read Andre Gide some of them might read or hear you and get wiser, so for their sake say it. 

Do not worry about what people may think just do what you want to do it and the way you want do it. It doesn’t matter whether it has been done before, what matters is how you have done it. So say it with conviction that you are an original because you have a brain that ticks.