Do not be in a hurry to overtake….

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Many of us are very impatient on road, overtaking at will in a hurry to reach the destination. Moment we see a vehicle overtaking ours, the blood boils and the foot automatically presses the accelerator to give a befitting response (or should I say reaction!!). 

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Enjoy the journey…. 

There are very few who seemingly enjoy the drive, keep giving pass patiently to anyone looking to overtake. Such people also reach their destination; I am sure generally on time. Maybe they leave homes/ offices for the destination well in time, considering the drive time and the traffic congestion to be encountered en-route and any other contingency which may occur. Well, every contingency cannot be predicted or planned for, but as long as major ones have been though about and catered for in the drive time, it generally works. 

This is exactly what happens in life in general. There are people who are in a hurry to overtake and reach the top at the earliest, then there are others who stay focused and move steady towards the destination and there is another variety which apparently is not interested in moving at all and are pushed out. 

Aim to sustain at the top…. 

There is nothing wrong in aiming to reach the destination/ the top at the earliest but that certainly should not involve trampling or over running other travelers on the road. One should understand the difference between overtaking and over running. Overtaking with capability is what matters but unfortunately there is a vast majority which looks for shortcuts or a helping hand to achieve success. What matters is not just reaching the top but what is of prime importance is sustaining there. If you don’t have the capability or ability to sustain yourself then maybe the same hand which pulled you up may be forced to push you down again. 

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Essence of driving is not in speed…. 

Its well understood that the days of tortoise beating a rabbit are generally over but that doesn’t mean we can go on driving recklessly and yet hope to reach the destination. Timely breaks, food, vehicle maintenance, time for family and friends are very important in sustaining life and helping in maintaining the right speed. 

In the journey of life, it’s not the speed but maintaining control and the right speed which are of essence. Planning, preparation, practice, patience, priority and pre-set focus cannot be lost sight of by anyone who has set his sight high or is aiming for the sky.

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  1. It’s full of wisdom. As a twenty-something in this fast-paced, technologically-dependent world, I feel like I am hustling a lot and stressing over a lot of things, forgetting to enjoy the journey. Thanks for this wonderful post and for the reminder.

  2. Such an inspiring and motivating post this is. It very much reflects the this generation mindset. Thank you Krish…

  3. It is very inspirational post you have shared and those quotes are great to make anyone’s mind positive… Thanks for sharing

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