Love your roots… stand because of them….

Looks matter but not as much as the base, the roots, the foundation. The trees draw their strength from the roots as the buildings from the foundation they stand on. 

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Last few months, as the heavy rains lashed across the nation some huge buildings collapsed whereas numerous smaller ones withstood the fury of weather. Likewise, many a huge tree could not face the high-speed winds and came crashing down whereas many smaller / leaner ones stood their ground. The difference was made by the foundation/ roots on which these buildings / trees stood. It’s the astute planning, correct design and right mix of cement, sand and gravel which saved the day for buildings and the depth to which the roots went and the nutrition they got which helped the trees to survive. 

Values, not the mark sheets, provide strength to the roots 

We the humans are refusing to learn these simple lessons from nature. Most of us think that the strength of the human root is reflected by the marks one got in exams, the people we are connected to, the family we come from. Nothing can be more removed from truth. Just look around and see, how many successful people have reached where they have just on the base of the marksheets and the connections (exceptions will off course be there). “Marksheets alone can never provide a strong base to life”. “Marksheets do not reflect the intelligence level of a person, high marks in school exams/ competitions do not necessarily mean that a person is educated”. 

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Human roots draw the strength from the values imbibed, the experiences gained through personal struggle, the hard work, the physical workouts and the balanced diet. 

Do not be a rebel without a cause…. 

This is where we as parents go wrong in bringing up the children. Most of us are over protective, rushing to provide every possible help. Not allowing the child to struggle and learn on his own, making both the mind and the body weak. On the other extreme are the children who find everything wrong in the way their parents brought them up. Do not believe in the values their parents tried to ingrain in them. “Yes, everyone has a right to question, to dissent. But a better way/ solution has to be arrived at by discussion and sharing views and not by just rebelling without a suitable cause”. 

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 Make your roots strong through education and sheer hard work. Nothing guarantees success as much as the combination of strong roots (values and education) and strong wings (the ability to logically think, imagine and take risks which again flows from the right education and experience gained in life).

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Author: krish

I am Krish ..... I believe that Life is beyond routine..... Having spent good part of my last 30 years of life in Human resource and material management , I am here to share my experience and gain from others...... My aim in life is just to be 'Me ' ...and be happy always...

41 thoughts on “Love your roots… stand because of them….”

  1. I think there is too much handled in this particular blog…strong roots thru education, values or then the topic wavers to rebel…
    I would like education , values and rebel handled in three blogs

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    1. Aim of the blog is to bring out the impotance of elders who have provided the roots and deserve respect……kids should not rebel agsinst elders / society just coz they want to…there has to be a strong reason for it…education and
      Values provide the root…anyways..
      Thank you


  2. I belive that this is all true, we have to love our roots, stand because of it and accept it. There are lot of people who denys the fact that their origins are different they have their own excuses but we should be proud of our origins if without them we aren’t here where we are.

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