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“You were born an original, not to live or die as someone else’s copy”.  This is one quote which had a great influence on me during my initial years. As a youth one heard variety of quotes “You are born unique” “Just be you” “Always remember that you ate absolutely unique, just like everyone else” and what not. You are expected to create your own space under the Sun with your uniqueness being your identity. 

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Parental and Cultural Influences… 

But is it so simple to be different, to be unique mentally? It’s the situations one goes through in the first few years of life which have the biggest influence in shaping the future. This is the time when the parents and elders are trying to influence the young mind with their own thought process, their own beliefs. The child is in no position to contest their beliefs at that point of time. Very few parents actually try to empower the children by giving them the power to think and decide. Majority of elders just want the children to follow the set rules of the society. Then there are religious and traditional influences which try to mould the child. 

Side Effects of the School…. 

In the school the teachers and the subjects specially, history and Moral Science take over the responsibility of moulding the young mind and load it with a fixed thought process. History tells to follow the footsteps of famous leaders, Science wants the child to be like some famous scientists, while his own mind wants him to be unique and enjoy. Peers join in with their own set of beliefs inherited by them from their own families. 

Further in life movies, famous personalities, political leaders, role models start exerting their influence on the young mind. In between the young man / lady is time and again, being reminded of his being born unique and the necessity of retaining uniqueness to excel in the world. 

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Be a Rebel… 

By the time the young man / lady graduates, they are generally thoroughly confused about what they actually want to be, about the purpose in life. The majority just ends up doing what they are told to do. It’s in very few cases that own mind takes charge and decides the purpose of life. Most of such people are branded as rebels. These select few who stay unique and impart uniqueness to the society and actually add something new to the society. These are the creators, discoverers due to their risk-taking ability. They have retained their uniqueness after withstanding years of efforts made by elders, teachers, leaders, books to influence them and develop them into a fixed mould. 

Take your Call…Its about your Future…. 

It’s for the youth to decide what they want; to be cast in a mould and just live or to be unique, create and lead. Its for the parents and elders to decide whether they want to allow the child to be ‘ Just him’ or they want him to  ‘Just Live’. 






  1. Loved reading this. People should realize that they are unique in their own way; they should follow their dream and create their own path by rebelling against the unpleasant norms.

  2. Oh, how I wish I lived my dream. Maybe who knows what the future will bring, but unfortunately this is not the reality yet. But I do not give up. I will continue to work hard. Thank you for sharing. Put me back on the ground with both feet.

  3. I was meant to be a dentist in my home country, i was even studying to be one. Then i gave it all up when i came to US to become and engineer and i was called a rebel because of it. I love that I was able to follow my destiny, despite the sacrifices. It was my journey to make in life. You have very insightful posts!!

  4. My husband and I worked hard to nurture our children’s’ uniqueness. This did not make school, especially high school. easy for them where only kids who fit a narrow mold succeed and are applauded. Fortunately, they survived and are continuing to explore their possibilities.

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