Appreciate the Goodness around….

It’s the negative, a wrong, which generally immediately catches the attention and stays in the mind for long. All of us are so good at finding faults with people and things. At times one fault upsets us so much that it completely overshadows the 99 good things on display. 

The Black Spot…. 

Once during a talk to the students, I displayed a slide which had just one black spot in the centre and asked the students what they saw on the screen and all of them, without an exception, replied that they saw a black spot. A single spot which occupied just about 10 percent of the space on the slide had overshadowed the brightness which covered the 99 percent of the slide. This is actually what happens in real life too most of the time, we see one flaw in someone or something and more or less form a negative opinion overlooking the other many good things/ qualities that may be present in that person or the thing. 

Every person is good for something… 

Long-time back when I had just joined my profession, my boss had given me this ‘Guru Mantra’(Teaching); In a professional team every person is not same, each one has got at least one good quality which the leader has to identify and use the person accordingly. This way everyone will give their best and organisation will grow. Do not pit them against each other, instead, use their strengths collectively to improve the working efficiency. 

Understand your child…. 

Same is true for the parents and the teachers, they got to identify the goodness in the child and guide him/ her accordingly for overall betterment. You can take a horse to the water but cannot force it to drink; he will drink only if he is thirsty. Identify the ‘hunger’ in the child and help him/ her satiate it. Do not force the child to do what he is not good at. He may do it under pressure but may just partially succeed, and have regrets all his life. Never ever do the mistake of comparing the child with others, each one of them is born unique. It is this uniqueness which should become his/ her brand value. 

Learn from nature…. 

Learn to appreciate the nature, enjoy the beauty around. There is abundance of it. Take time out form your busy schedule, just go for a walk or sit under a tree and inhale some fresh air, enjoy the beauty of natural colors, you will feel the positive difference it makes. 

We got to learn so much from nature. There are so many varieties of plants and animals, each different and unique, never in competition, none trying to overshadow the other, each one just doing their assigned task and adding to the overall beauty of the environment. 

Sow a flower seed anywhere, give it a bit of care, the plant will grow and flowers will bloom without any complaints. The only difference will be made by the care, the plant which gets more care, blooms healthier. 

Same is true for children or employees, just take good care of them and they will give you the best results.