Follow your dream….

I had in an earlier article” Stay positive….You are born to excel not to ‘just fit in’….had expressed my views about the stress the students go through while facing interviews in the campus. The placement procedures have more or less got over and some of the students (including my boy) have been selected by well-known companies for a job they were desirous of joining. 

A majority of the students are still looking around for internship/ job and are ready to join anywhere they get an offer from. Is that the right way of going around and picking up a job where a young student is ready to say yes to anything on offer? Or should they wait and try a bit more till they get a job they were looking for? 

One doesn’t have to look far to find the reasons for this hurry on part of young students to land up a job. The main problem lies with the education system and the environment prevalent in our homes / society. Our minds are fed from a very young age that the answer to all the problems of life lie in a job. Our education system is actually structured to prepare the students to aim for jobs only. Majority just end up joining a job, some follow the foot steps of their elders and join the family business and very few actually aim to do something on their own, to chart their own path. 

Is our education system encouraging or killing creativity/ innovation????

Most students aim to grab the first job on offer for two main reasons. First reason is the satisfaction of the ego; selection for a job gives that feeling that I am good, better than the most. Most of those who do not land up with a job get into the cycle of self- criticism (I am not good enough) or experience pressure /criticism from the family (You are not good enough). This feeling forces a youth to pick up whatever is on offer, irrespective of whether he likes it or not. The second reason for being in a hurry of picking up a job is the sense of security (generally financial) that it provides. 

Most of us see job as the only security for leading a comfortable life. An assured salary and a fixed routine are what we seek. But at the end of the day how many people are actually satisfied with the jobs they are in? 

Satisfaction flows from love/ liking for what you are doing. It may not be entirely dependent on the monetary gains one makes. What good is the money if the mind is never at rest or happy? There will be struggles and risks involved when one tries to follow and independent path, but then risks alone provide breakthroughs. 

Love for an activity is the biggest source of inspiration for excelling….Foll

ow your heart….

One can follow a mid or mixed path to follow / achieve the dreams. Pick up a job for financial security and put in extra effort, beyond the working hours, for following the dream. Yes, the time for rest/ entertainment will get restricted but then, once the dream is fulfilled (even partially achieved) the satisfaction achieved will more than make up for all the hardships one has been through.