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Today the nation (India) celebrates the 72nd Independence Day with traditional gaiety and fervour. The Prime Minister in his address to the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort gave this mantra to bring about positive changes in the nation “ Reform, perform, transform”. It set me thinking, isn’t it the duty of every citizen to work for the betterment of the nation and actively participate to bring in the required transformation. 

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The onus of preserving this freedom does not just lie with the Government of the day, the uniformed forces (Defence forces, Police organisations) or the government officials. It is the responsibility of every citizen of the country. Unfortunately, most citizens do not understand the responsibilities; just interested in the rights. 

What should freedom mean to a common man? It is certainly much more than the freedom to live anywhere in the country, to practice any religion, speak any language, freedom to express or to curse the Government and every Department for the prevalent ills in the society/ nation. 

The freedom will be felt in true sense when every citizen starts understanding their responsibilities and practicing them. I am not just referring to the Fundamental duties as enshrined in the constitution, which even some of the most educated may not be aware of. I am referring to the duties as humans which we have towards our society and humanity as such. 

Our first and foremost duty towards the society is to empower ourselves with the right education. Be aware of the rights and duties and follow them. 

It’s our duty to be intolerant to corruption. Never indulge in corruption nor allow it to flourish. As a society we should oppose it. We should understand that shortcuts generally do not help in the long run. 

Practice discipline; simple things like garbage management, not littering the streets, not loitering around unnecessarily, not bribing on any account, not jumping the traffic lights, not jumping lanes while driving may sound trivial but, will all go a long way in improving our lives. Do what you are supposed to without waiting for the Police man or the garbage collector. If we follow our responsibilities, they will do theirs in a much better way. 


Provide our children with the best of education and empower them with the power to make decisions/ make choices. Education just doesn’t mean overloading their mind with information but what it implies is teaching them values and the practical application of the knowledge gained. 

Each one of us has an assigned task wherever we work, just do it without worrying about what others are up to. Balance out the time between work, breaks and gossip. Check people when you find their work below expectations .Over last few years there has been a downfall in this habit; revive it for the overall improvement of the work culture and the society. 

Respect the law of the land, doesn’t matter if someone is watching or not. 

Respecting people, giving help when someone is in need will aid in transforming the society. We have to strive to develop a society where every member should be willingly ready to provide help to anyone in need and facilitate each other’s growth without biases. 

Last but not the least, get free from fixated mindsets. Stop hiding behind the veil of culture and traditions, get more practical and accept that the world is changing. Be for the change and be with the change. Believe in convincing and not just enforcing. 

Taking these small steps will go a long way in getting us freedom from indiscipline, police cases, road rage, accidents, garbage piles, big dumps of files (which normally one finds in government offices). 

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  1. I truly agree with you on a beautiful article written on Independence Day. For every citizen to enjoy the Freedom means to abide by some certain guidelines and principles which are laid out for the betterment of the nation and it’s people. Such freedom can’t be understood unless we imbibe a true sense of Nationalism.

  2. I whole heatedly agree to you.. Nice post.. I must say have a long way to go to fathom the sense of independence.. lovely post and lovely blog.. Hope you enjoy my blog too

    1. Thank you for the encouragement Bushra…
      This is a great platform to share our thoughts , learn from each other and stay connected…
      Stay blessed

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